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  1. I

    How to perfectly black out a face making it look like a shadow?

    As the title says I would like to know how to perfectly black out a face making it look like a shadow. Here's an example photo: I'm currently using Photoshop CC2020 Any help would be appreciated!
  2. S

    help for modifying a pic

    Hey Guys... Need your help to turn my pic into a one with professional attire. Could anyone please bring on a dark navy blue professional coat over the shirt on pic and make the background light grey.. thanks in advance guys...
  3. chrisdesign

    3D Neon Sign Art

    A little bit of BLENDER soft glow in the dark.
  4. K

    The Beauty Inside [Photo Manipulation] - #kzOFFBEAT

    Behind a dirty or broken outside, there's usually a very colorful beauty inside. Stock credits: Dirt and grass image by Elizabeth Lies Bright sky by Mathyas Kurmann Dark sky by Antoine Barrés Rose by Henrique Ferreira Rose stem by Annie Spratt
  5. J

    Transparency is suddenly much darker

    Hello, I need help with a weird problem. Yesterday I did some graphics in Photoshop and beside PSD I saved them also as PNG. Today when I open any of the files and save them again as a PNG all pixels with less then 100% opacity are much darker. It affects for example drop shadow effect in...
  6. M

    Please remove shadow in water from cloud, and make sky less cloudy

    Can someone remove the large shadow in the water (the dark shadow in the upper middle portion of the water/picture that doesn't match the rest of the water, and maybe remove the smaller dark shadows above that one) due to the clouds overhead? Also can you make the sky less cloudy? Thanks in...
  7. B

    Request Photo shop color or create a new image for my Paintball logo.

    Hello, Can I please get some help. I need help creating the logo for my Paintball team. I am not a graph designer. Here is what I am looking for. The image below is similar to what I am looking for. I would like instead of the black and dark green, I would like this to be dark red. I liked the...
  8. O

    Make it a bit lighter

    Hi! could anyone improve the quality of this pic so its not that dark and blurry? It is not good enough to post anywhere. Thanks
  9. B

    Even out light & dark colours with Photoshop/Lightroom

    Hi all, I've recently started using Photoshop and Lightroom for editing my food photography but still have issues with colour correction. I often have to edit pictures where objects (like the cookies below) have fairly light and quite dark colours, but I want the overall colour to be even. For...
  10. Inkz

    Beard Club Logo

    So my friends at SWBC asked me to redo their logo to something more modern. So here's what I came up with. Reference Image I used to get the basic shapes. Logo completed for white BG Logo for a dark BG Logo with a distressed look to it Thanks for your time to look...
  11. R

    Picture edit

    Hi guys. I hope someone can help me with this request. Could you possibly remove the background in this picture please? Could I have either a dark or light, plain background (or whatever you think would look better). Thanks in advance.
  12. J

    Help with a background image

    I need some help. Im trying to create a background similar to this one but I need help on two questions. Can anyone tell me what was done to the background images to get them to look like this? 2nd questions the dark blue on the left and right how was that done? Thank you in advance
  13. P

    Dark or light?

    Wich one do ya prefer ? One is a chat list, with also the view of an open chat, and the other screen is a notification sidebar. We had it for the beginning in white. But toughed maybe, we could highlight the sidebars more from the body when we change the color of it. What do ya think, light...
  14. J

    How do I get rid of dark gray shadow under the object???

    In the second pic, I have removed most of the background to a white background, but what is the method to remove the dark gray shadow underneath the buckle/band?? Can anyone help please?
  15. J

    Lightening dark neck area of skin

    I have a bride who wants her neck crease lightened,,, I have tried a few methods like dodging, clone stamp with a 50% transparency etc and auto heal. Its does seem very tedious with these methods and very hard to get a good blend. Is there an easier, quicker way to lighten the dark crease in the...
  16. S

    Please create a logo for me.

    i am new to the site and i am trying to see if I can get a logo made for a store i am going to be opening, it is an online store. i like something like this one doesn't have to have the kid in it or anything, the store name is going to be Spoiled1. like your are the spoiled one. it is going to...
  17. T

    Recomendations to retouch this skin

    What are some recomendations to help minimize the dark dots/spots on this image?
  18. J

    Making 2 layers from image

    Is it possible to make 2 different layers from the image? Let me explain. An image with light (shades of white/grey) over which theres pattern in dark color (red/black). Is it possible to make 2 (or more) layers out of this image, 1 with the light shade patterns (or the whole image) and a...
  19. A

    Distinguish dark brown from black/blue in grayscale mode

    First timer here, help would be much appreciated! For my research I need to distinguish blue/black dye from dark brown (soil in this case). I use Photoshop CS5 This is an example of a photo after geometric distortion and the use of lasso tool: Then I have adjusted...
  20. B

    How to copy this photo's effect?

    How could I do to copy a dark filter like this to use on another photo? Thanks