1. Eggy

    Living In A Rock

    Just to try some light effects. Started with: To get this: It is rather dark and I don't know if I should make it a bit lighter.
  2. C

    Photoshop request.help.

    Could anyone be kind and help me out with this picture please. -Change colours of wings to gold, the outer "triangle" of the ying-yang symbol to red (have to look good together). dark red within the triangle and outside the yin-yang symbol.You know what I mean, right? And finally add a ring...
  3. R

    have a specific question on blending/feathering

    So I know you can feather edges of areas you've edited. but what i can't figure out is pretty specific to the photo. So I took a picture of the sunset behind some mountains, with the city underneath. Shot in RAW, 100 ISO, 1/60-1/125 exposure (cant remember), and f/5. so the sky looks perfect...
  4. J


    Hi all I have designed a logo for myself that is black on a white background, i would like to have two logos, the other inverted from the first if i want to place it over a dark object, is it possible? Thanks Johan
  5. Å

    Removing background from image

    Hello, I would like to remove background from image attached, but I don't have expierience needed to do it becaouse of dark hair and dark background. If anyone have some spare time to play with it I would really appreciate it ...
  6. Chyina

    From the Dark Side

    This was a manip for an album cover I did. If you are wondering why it looks "off", well that's on purpose. :cheesygrin: The surreal look to it was inspired by the opening to "Tales from the Dark Side", a TV show from the 80s.
  7. B

    Unique Challenge: Custom photo collage required

    I would like to create a wedding photo collage into one large picture to frame. Approx 15-20 pictures with overall result at poster size. These are not your normal wedding photos, half of them will be bright shots of various extreme sports taken in Norway and the other half are people in fancy...
  8. iDad

    ALERT: NASA Confirms Earth Will Go Dark ...?

    ALERT: NASA Confirms Earth Will Go Dark For 6 Days In December 2014 - See more at: http://dailybuzzlive.com/alert-nasa-confirms-earth-will-go-dark-6-days-december-2014/#sthash.1bZ5Oqb9.dpuf
  9. A

    Consistent colour

    Hi I have a photocopied image (attached). I would like to make the dark areas consistently dark - at the moment they're patchy. I've tried using the clone tool but end up with repeat patterns. I just want a consistent 'dark grey' around the womans face rather than a patchy greys. Hope someone...
  10. B

    Can I edit out the netting from this photo?

    I was taking pictures at an ice rink and had to shoot through the netting. I'm new to photoshop and was wondering if it is possible to edit out the netting from this picture? I know it's pretty faint, but dark enough to muck up the picture.
  11. N

    Stencil or Silhouette Effect

    Hi, first forum post. Im a screen printer learning how to design for printing. In this post, I am trying to create a silhouette of all dark areas of a color image ( bridge with suspension cables, some water and horizon- no sun). I am not getting the results I am looking for. My steps: 1...
  12. B

    Two images: one is clearer than the other one

    These two images are positioned close in the same web page, but one is darker than the other and the total effect is a bad result. On which parameters should I work? Thanks to all.
  13. J

    How to get as much detail out of an extremely dark photo

    Just wondering if anyone can post step by step on how to get a get as much detail out of an extremely dark photo. Keep in mind that i am talking about photos that sometimes we take but aren't meant to be posted or send to anyone else, so it doesn't really have to look good. Here is one I have...
  14. L

    I Can See Forever

    Photoshop newbie! Had a random inspiration. Thoughts? Critiques?
  15. S

    dark yellow shadows

    I don't know how to lighten these dark yellow shadows by the faces and in the hair of the brunette girl on the left. I've tried shadows/highlights and other lightening tools, but I can't get them to look real and a lot lighter.
  16. K

    Trying to remove dark background from curly hair!

    Hello! I'm very new to photoshop and I'm trying to make a birthday card. To do this I need to cut a girl out from a background. Yesterday I played around with paths, but its very hard to get a good result. Today I've been trying other methods with limited success. I've been watching tutorials...
  17. R


    Before: And After: From darkness into the light, eh? It only took a few minutes, but I like it.... I'll need to start doing more advanced stuff :P
  18. Hoogle

    Can Admin fine tweak the dark alpha mode

    I use the dark alpha mode I find it easier on my eyes but in some area the text comes up as white as I am typing which is good but in other areas ie editing a post visitors messages and using advanced reply options I think the text comes up as black and makes it hard to see as I am typing...
  19. C

    How can I Feather to dark or black rather than feather to light in Photoshop?

    How can I Feather around an image to dark or black rather than feather to light? Or would it be called Inverse Feather? Any ideas? Or is this not possible?
  20. allenrm

    Dark mood tonight

    Not had a fabulous day, kind of in a dark mood, starting playing with PS and this is what I came up with. Thought it was cool so I posted it.