1. D

    please help me

    can you make the qr code more visible? or just remove the background and dont delete the qr code
  2. J

    Desktop problem

    My desktop icons will not open because the usual dropdown menu for opening them suddenly omits the word OPEN. This happened after I entered a date on the desktop with the Photoshop CS6 type tool. Could this have caused the problem? I have tried to delete the date but did not succeed. I have a...
  3. M

    How can you delete your own thread?

    I viewed the edit option and it wont let me delete my thread, how do I go about this?
  4. P

    Need help with having a layer only go over another layer and delete the rest of it

    Hello Photoshop Gurus, Newbie here, probably really simple but I cannot seem to figure this out, I want to have only one part of a layer go over another, and delete the rest of the layer, Here are some pictures of what I mean: I want the selection to only go over the V and the surrounding...
  5. P

    Delete Shadow

    Hey guys, i found this one on dribble, it's for free and it matches pretty good with the project that im working on it. Is it possible that ya could help me and delete the shadow wich is there. The Element where the mountains are has a lil shadow and i dont know how to delete this one. Here...
  6. A

    delete background

    Can someone please edits the background out of the blocks so i can paste it on another picture?
  7. H

    Inserting vector

    Hi Everyone, I am zero level photo shop user. I have purchased a CV template online in PSD format. In the footer the original artist has used face book sign f and also had used BE for behance. I could delete Be (that ws the easy part ) . Now I want to create a linkedin sign (in) in the same...
  8. U

    How to Edit Empty Text Layer?

    Take a text layer. Delete all the text. How do you select it again to add text to it?
  9. B

    Help me delete camera from a mirror photo

    Hi everyone, I have tried looking up everything there is about the clone stamp tool on youtube but I can't get the results I need. I hope someone here can help me :neutral: There is a color variation between the top and bottom port of the mirror that I can't match even if I try making smaller...
  10. K

    Selecting help

    Hello, guys, I have a question. So i select an object with a magic wand tool then I simply delete it using content-aware option, but as you can see, the edges of the object still exists after I delete it. What do I do wrong here? Maybe I select the object not full enough? I look forward to hear...
  11. T

    Photoshop Request: Please remove the netting / chain link fence

    Hi! Can someone please photoshop the white netting out of the picture. I know it's a lot sorry. I need it ASAP if possible. Thanks!
  12. A

    How to delete all history STATES (not history) - or other solution to a master macro

    I am trying to set up a workflow for my coworkers to easy adjust color, brightness and so on simply by clicking on a SNAPSHOT that easily shows them the result. The SNAPSHOT is generated by a master macro that calls alarge number of macros. But my clever :-) solution fails because I would like...
  13. N

    Delete Stroke color

    Hi, how to create a stroke with no fill and create a gap like in text "who has" so that if the background color is green its visible around the text instead of a black. I want to delete stroke and leave a gap in between. I know how to do it in illustrator but want to do the same effect in...
  14. R

    window masking for Real Estate Photo

    I have been reworking my real estate photography technique. I am to the point I use a 3 shot 1 stop hdr exposure, I then shoot proper room exposure with a large 650 watt sec nicefoto flash to eliminate all shadows but I am still not happy with the windows. We have lots of mountain view where I...
  15. P

    How do I make this gif transparent?

    Hello everyone! I'm having trouble making this gif transparent while using CS6. This is the original: And this is how I've failed at it: As you can see what I'm trying to do is delete the background from each frame but I get this effect. How do I fix this? Thanks!
  16. A

    Removing Background and changing Color (Photoshop CC)

    So I need to remove background and make the background change the color of A by giving it texture of sparkle Red from here I wouldn't want anyone to do it for me, I really want someone to please give me easy noob friendly instructions to help me out here. This is what I...
  17. C

    Need help with picture

    This is really easy to do but I do not know how to use photoshop, so could anyone please delete the white background in this picture and save as png. Would appreciate it. Thanks in advance. :)
  18. K

    Account and/or thread deletion?

    Hello! So I was wondering if there was any way I could delete a thread I've created. I wanted to delete someone else's post with a picture of me in it, and I can't into contact with the poster. So if I can't delete the thread, is there a way I could delete my account so that that picture gets...
  19. M

    Dysfunctional keyboard shortcut: Magnetic Lasso.

    Hi all, I'm having some difficulties and after a lot of internet searching and piddling about in Photoshop I can't suss it. Basically, the delete key does not remove anchor points while I am making a selection with the magnetic lasso tool, nor does backspace. I've tried most of the obvious...
  20. ethan1178

    Background Erase

    I was wondering how i can get the background of this logo Fully erased without and specs so i can put it into cinema4dstudio perfectly. because there are these really tight spaces to not be able to use the magic wand or quick select. I can't really use pen tool either because i don't want to cop...