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  1. M

    all feedback or critiques are welcome

    hi there i'm mitchell 42 years, dutch and new to this forum i am a self -taught photoshopper (mainly written and you tube tutorials) since 2002 i often lack inspiration so there often are periods of 6,7,8,9, month that i dont do anything i dont have "photoshopping" friends so i dont get...
  2. DiaGraphics

    Illustrator How to draw a diamond in illustrator - Beginner tips

    I have made this tutorial today that i want to share with you guys, feedback would be really appriciated :thumbsup:
  3. DiaGraphics

    Illustrator How to draw a simple heart, cloud, tree and laural in illustrator - Feedback

    How to draw a simple heart, cloud and laural in illustrator - Feedback I have made these tutorials and plan to make some more. If you have some spare time i would really appriciate if you would watch them and give some feedback on whats good and what can be improved. Thanks
  4. T

    New app I made for all of Photoshop's shortcuts

    Hey guys, I'm a long-time photoshop user, and I've been developing a Mac App on the side to make finding and learning shortcuts easier. It currently has about 600 shortcuts for Photoshop, and is actually really awesome now with my new update I released a few days ago. Here's a video to give you...
  5. N

    Need fresh eyes to look at this pic please!

    Hi! I feel like I've looked at this pic for too long to know how it looks, can I please get some feedback. Would you say that it looks realistic? I'm purposely avoiding listing what exactly what would or would not look realistic to try get the overall effect. Thanks
  6. R

    What is wrong with this shot? Need feedback & advice

    Hi everyone – I would love some feedback and advice on a project I’ve been working on over the weekend. I’m doing product photography and shot some boxes and feeding sets. I’m not over the moon with the results and would love to improve them The first shot is a box shot – I’ve shot on a...
  7. P

    Need feedback for my sidebar

    Hey people, i hope that i would get here some feedback for my sidebar wich i designed and also build in html. Was i looking for was a minimalistic - clean sidebar so i created this one with a little effect on top of it. But when i'm now looking at it, i don't know, but it looks for me a...
  8. M

    Kylo Ren and Superman 45 min time spent on each

    Feedback and critique very appreciated!
  9. Jessicayla

    Photography & PS Doodling/Painting

    I've been super in to photography lately, along with learning how to digitally paint and doodle, so I had an idea to combine them. Here are some of my recent pieces! Any feedback is welcome.
  10. I

    After Effects My Android logo animation, feedback and critique please

  11. M

    How to bend a picture (awesome tutorial, what's missing??)

    Hello photoshop community So I've been working on my tutorial for How to bend a picture in Photoshop. The tutorial was greatly received by my audience, but I can't seem to get any bigger Photoshop sites to take real interest in it. So therefore I ask your opinion and feedback. What is this...
  12. C

    Glossy Bingo Style Logo

    Been working on this for a friend of mine.. This is my first post showing off some of my work. Created in Ai the stylized in Ps. Please give me your opinions, feedback and critique, thanks.
  13. Burned Ice

    Feedback for medieval game startscreen

    Hey guys I have a school assignment where we have to make a medieval game start screen with a title and three buttons, I was wondering if I could have any feedback things I still have to change: The gold ornament around each button needs to be improved (as in, replacing the image with a shape...
  14. W

    Same Appearance with Different Pieces on a Scene!

    Hello! I have never design a scene so i don't know what can i do after this step and out of it, i am open to all suggestions.
  15. Z

    3D Barrett M107 (revisited)

    While looking through my 3D folder during a spring clean, I stumbled upon a very old model I did of a Barrett M107, it was shoddy at best but still held up. I remodelled it using the knowledge I have now, and textured it up, popped it into a little scene on top of a weapon box and rendered...
  16. chrisdesign


    For this composite I used these images. The guy is from The girl is from The other images I found with Google. Your feedback is very welcome.
  17. Eggy

    Summer Bubble

    Some time ago Chrisdesign mentionned a lack of posting compositions. I agree with him. Come on girls and boys, start posting your work and don't be shy. We are here to learn and the best way is getting feedback. There is so much talent on this forum so lets see some of it. Well, on this lazy...
  18. chrisdesign

    Portfolio at Behance

    Has anyone of you a portfolio at Behance? What are your experiences with it? What must be considered? How good is the reliability? Thanks in advance for your feedback and advice. Regards Chris
  19. V

    Newbie Needing Critique

    Hello Guys, I am new to photoshop and need some critical feedback on a photo I'm working on... It is attached below. I have NO idea how to make it look realistic. This is just a proficiency exercise as I am learning the ropes. Thanks for the feedback. I need all the help I can get...
  20. T

    Photo Manipulation Critique

    Hi everyone just started doing photo manipulation recently. I have been watching a ton of videos from and psdbox looking for some feedback on this image i put together using the background from psdbox and two images off deviantart.