1. miss.firestar

    Hi! Newbie here. Having problems with gif.

    Hi! I trust you are all well :) About me? I host the podcast and also create "tasteful artistic nudity" (hahaha I found that concept hilarious) Anyway...I am a artist and this is my first month working with Photoshop CC and as practice I am assigning myself projects... Hence why I joined the...
  2. T

    Is it possible to change eye colour in gif?

    Like above. I tried to make it layer by layer, but they start overlapping. Is it even possible?
  3. A

    Paid Can you photoshop gifs if they are green screened?

    I have a 2 second gif I just need it to be in front of an image.
  4. H

    How to create specific gif

    Hi, I'm trying to re-create the gif attached from scratch. I'd really appreciate it if someone could tell me how to do that? I'm semi skilled in photoshop CC. At the very least I know my way around the basics. I hope for your help!
  5. E

    Easiest/Fastest way to slow down a .gif animation without it looking jerky?

    Right now a have a .gif animation of 40 frames of 150ms each. The animation is simple: the image fades in and then fades out. I want to slow down the animation. If I change it to 300ms, it becomes very jerky! (150ms was already borderline) What is the easiest way to fix that with Photoshop?
  6. F

    Specific Need help editing this gif

    i do not own photoshop and have no idea how to edit gif files. i tried various online gif editing sites but failed to do what i was looking for. The gif that need to be edited- i want this gif animation to look continuous, you know like it stops for a fraction of a second when its about to...
  7. J

    Save GIF problem on Photoshop CC

    Hi everyone. I downloaded today the Photoshop CC Trial to make a GIF that I needed. I finished the work on Photoshop but when I click to export to Web(Legacy) it just freezes and can't save anything. Is it any chance I can send to anyone the Photoshop.psd file and he can end up the process and...
  8. P

    After Effects How to make this effect? (link attached).

    Please help me out how to make this kind of .gif I want to learn
  9. fredfish

    Turn a background transparent on an animated gif

    Hi all is there an easy way to turn the background transparent on an animated gif? I have a student that is creating an animated game "Ident" using Photoshop and he wants to add an animated gif. The gif is a series of flames against a black background. My initial thought was to group all the...
  10. L

    Gif question, please help :)

    How can I properly export a gif with transparent background? I've tried multiple times to get a perfect transparent background on a gif, by doing a simple layer animation of a black circle, but when I export it, there's always a white halo around the black circle, I don't know what I'm doing...
  11. D

    PNG sequence / film strip

    I have a PNG file which is a sequence / strip of images which should run as a animation. How can render this in photoshop and possibly then export as a GIF or another format? Content of file is something like this: Thanks
  12. J

    Newbie need turtorial how to swap face into a gif pic

    How to swap face into this gif, I need a tutorial , thank you in advance.
  13. N

    Savings GIFs?

    I am trying to create a frame animation GIF in photoshop CC out of some photos I took but for some reason my file sizes are huge, much larger than GIFs by other people. What am I doing wrong? For example this GIF is larger than mine and has almost 3 times more frames, yet the file size is...
  14. D

    Gif in photo

    Is it possible to have an animated gif type thing in a photo Such as having a map of the USA and selecting the outer parts then putting a motion flag in the outside area of the map
  15. Na11

    How can I add gifs to still images?

    I'm a bit stuck. I created a border-like layer with the rectangle tool and saved it as a PNG. I opened a gif, went down to the timeline, and selected all frames, and copied them all. Now I'm trying to paste the gif layers on a png but I don't see the paste options. Help appreciated.
  16. A

    1000 photos to 250 gifs form 4 photos

    Hi, I have 1000 photos and I want to change them to gif files. One gif = 4 next photos. Is there any way to change that photos automatically to 250 gifs ?:) Best regards, Adam
  17. E

    Change gif color

    Hello, Please somebody change the color of the above gif from red to white. So the hearts are white. I realize that means it probably won't be visible on this forum but it's for elsewhere. Thank you!
  18. I

    Editing a gif in Photoshop

    Hello.i have a little problem. I tried to edit a gif in Photoshop,but in the final when I finish all the work,only the new text that I introduced it have an effect. The gif have some motion effects,and I don't know how to modify a date but still keep those motion effects. Can you give some...
  19. Paul

    Add to my gif file

    Take the frames from this gif file i made and incorporate new elements or features what ever you can think of. Above all be creative and have fun:wink:
  20. M

    Tiling GIF File In Photoshop

    Hi guys I'm really hopeful someone can help me please? I have a GIF file that I would like to tile to a 1920x1080 resolution (so there would be like 9 or so of the same gif) so that I can use it as my desktop background using the Dreamscene program that allows animations in GIFs to be used as...