1. D

    GIF animation

    Hi guys, Do you know how to make an animation on a certain part of a GIF image? Like a man walking but his background wont change just the man is animating on the GIF. I tried the usual transparent on all layers except the background layer but it wont work on GIF. can anyone help me?
  2. J

    [REQUEST] iPhone GIF

    Hey guys.. Could you please make a GIF for me. Have no idea how to make them :'( Using this image. ( Could you please remove the screens on the iPhones and then replace them...
  3. Melqyahd

    GIF image doesn't work

    Hello there! I've made a GIF image using the frame animation editor of PS CS5, but it just doesn't work when I try to upload it to any website. If I open it with IE in my computer... it does work. Can someone help me? My compliments, Melqyahd M.
  4. D

    how do you make gif in this situation ?

    Hi, i want to ask how to make a gif animation?. I have 200 snapshot from a video (200 frames). im having a hard time making this pictures into a gif. any suggestions? Im using CS5 thanks:)
  5. F

    Multiple layers to gif

    I am trying to make a .gif out of layers of 1-by-1 screencaps of a television show. Horribly lengthy process, but I have tried so much and can't find another way. Now, the problem I have is that I cannot find another way to make it show layer 1 on frame 1, layer 2 on frame 2 (etc) without...
  6. K

    A fun job, editing a GIF

    hi all, i am not sure if this is the place to ask as i am not sure if you can edit gif images in photoshop or not? but here is the image and what i wondered is if anyone could put a facebook logo on the mans head and a g+ logo...
  7. Stric9

    Made my first gif today

    For a fellow gaming clan member.
  8. C

    Integrate GIF file

    I wanted to find out how I can integrate a rotating GIF file in specific spot on a page. Like below.
  9. Paul

    Single image into moving gif

    I keep playing around with making gifs from single images, the effect i am after is a perspective styled 3D, do you think i am on to something?
  10. W

    How Do I create GIF animated files in photoshop

    I am using photoshop since 2 years. but never tried with GIF files. can any post a short tutorial about creating GIF animation files with small effects or any plugin to create GIF.
  11. Windows7

    PS CS5 and GIF animations..

    Hi, A few days ago i had to make a document which i normally made with "Word(Microsoft Office",but since i use PS for a while i thought to make it now with photoshop but.. i use a lot of logos and now i saw most of them were GIF logos.. . What took my attention was that PS was not that...