1. E

    Photoshop Request

    Can someone photoshop the picture so that the girl girl in the back is wear the adidas baselines that everyone wears nowadays?
  2. D

    Photoshop Request 5.19.17

    Good afternoon! Was jus curios if you can switch the girl on the right smiling with teeth, with the same girl smiling with out her teeth in the other photo. It's taken in a dim light setting so I understand if it's too hard to do. Much appreciated if anyone could try. Health&happiness, Deana
  3. A

    [NSFW] Requesting additonal transparency on this gif.

    Could someone please make the area directly around the girl transparent? It may be hard to notice, but there's a border about one pixel wide around the girl that is still white, or otherwise noticeably discolored compared to the rest of the image. You'll likely have to add a contrasting color to...
  4. S

    i need the perfect design for the perfect girl

    i need the perfect tattoo for the perfect girl, i have uploaded the photo. i want the word changed to "Georgia" instead of Forever. I want a little "1st" on the top left corner of the ribbon. I need a tag hanging off the back of the arrow saying "TRUST" i need where the arrow has pierced...
  5. S

    Out of focus? please help

    shutterstock told me this photo out of focus, is it possible or just becouse the dress moving and the eye i photoshop not right?
  6. S

    girl on the beach

    what u think what to correct? what brightness on mac u use while u editing the picture, is it matter?
  7. C

    I was skiing with my girl, and need some help of u! :) Some removing of lil things

    Hello guys, last weekend, I was skiing with my girl. Was quite funny, and we took some pictures. But, taking pictures with two big helmets etc isnt that easy :D I could need help of u :) Pic A: Pic A: Is it possible to remove the hand, holding the camera? and maybe getting rid of this white...
  8. S

    portrait of the girl 2 golden ratio

    hello please cprrect
  9. S

    Portrait of the girl

    Please correct me, critics allowed, at this photo i used golden ratio layer, i dont like eyebrows but thats what golden ratio telling to do
  10. C

    Remove assistive touch button please x

    Hey, hopefully this isn't too difficult but I don't have any idea how to go about getting rid of it lol, any help appreciated
  11. Y

    Can someone edit the girl on the right out of the picture?

    i just want the girl on the right edited OUT of the photo, leaving the girl on the left alone in the picture. i would totally appreciate whoever did this... thank u :)
  12. C

    Recolour my top pleaseee

    Hey, I need the colour of my top in the first photo darkened to match the one in the second (so it looks like they were taken at the same time) Thanks so much x
  13. Y

    Can someone edit the girl on the left out of the picture? This is at a college tailgate. I want it to be the full picture (not cropped) just with the girl on the left taken out of it! I also want it to look as natural and unphotoshopped as possible, as if it were taken originally with just the girl on the right in the...
  14. E

    Change the background

    Hi, can anybody help me by removing the girl behind me so the only thing behind is the Eiffel Tower? Thanks in advance!!
  15. H


    Hi all, I was wondering if someone could photoshop the girl with the pink dress in the first picture into the second picture and to remove the same girl from the second picture? So basically to replace the girl in the second picture with the girl from the first picture. I hope you guys know what...
  16. Rpbin

    How to add a pic to a new layer

    Hi, I have added a pic to the bg layer, but I'm stuck as how to add a new pic to the layer above. I want to make the new pic semi-transparent so it looks as tho the girl is being reflected in the polished bronze surface. I have attached a shot of the girl on the bg layer and a shot of the...
  17. C

    can someone photoshop people out?

    Can someone photoshop the people out of the image so it's only the girl in the middle
  18. Å

    Blurred photo and crop

    Hi guys, I am working on one photo, but I just can't make it happen. I need to crop one girl and make photo as sharp as possible. Is there anyone willing to help please?
  19. R

    Just remove the girl please

    Hello gurus.. I don't have the skills to do a photoshop so i was hoping you could do one for me... Just remove only the GIRL please.. Thank you very much
  20. N

    Photoshop Request

    Please can someone make my nose look skinnier and prettier. (i am the girl)