1. A

    Hi can someone help remove a person from the photo?

    Hi can someone remove the girl on the left from this photo? thanks.
  2. gedstar

    Demonic Fire Girl

    This was done from a tutorial @
  3. J

    Rendering request

    Can someone please render just the girl in the dragon-esque hoodie?
  4. inkpad.t

    Goth Girl

    Goth Girl
  5. H

    May you help me with this ?

    Hello, I would to get help from you guys, since I'm bad at Photoshop. I'm making a cover for a Facebook group, And I need to insert the girl (Lux) on both sides of the cover, without hiding the rainbow colors . Thank you In advance :)
  6. F

    Skilful person who can transform this girl into a drug user

    (...image removed by moderator...) Hello, I was wondering if there is someone skilful out there who would be able to edit the girl's face into a drug abuser for my a level art, for me to draw! So basically I'd like to see dark under eyes, bad skin, skeletal features, huge freaky pupils etc and...
  7. I here and in Photoshop name is ingrid. I would like to Learn photoshop but tutorials from YouTube doesn't help so much... If someone can give me some tutorials,it helps me a lot. To be more explicitly,I'd like to learn to make banners,logos,stuff like that. I'm a gamer girl so...i would like to combine my...
  8. ugur

    Filter works

    This is the combination of two stocks and lots of filters/blend modes. Fireworks: Girl:
  9. N

    Hi guys Im new!

    Hi guys I'm new to the forum. I like to take pictures of my statues and baby girl :) Im hoping to learn new techniques and get help on topics.
  10. gautamz07

    nice picture enlarge effect , how do i do it though ?

    Hey guys , have a look at the below picture : well one thing for sure , i guess the "red"'s have been increased for this picture and maybe saturation decreased . now i have a question , there are 2 pictures of the same girl , my question is about the faded backgroud image of the girl , is...
  11. Howcho

    need clean lines

    I used to photoshop a bit years ago but put it down for some reason. I am trying again but am struggling of course. I like to take the art of Rub Ullman and change it for my personal use. I will find a picture that I like and change the uniform of the girl to one that I want. In this instance...
  12. inkpad.t

    Sci Fi Girl

    Sci Fi Girl Stock used. girl... bg.....
  13. inkpad.t


    Did a painting using both the smudge and the brush tool ( only Photoshop brushes ) Called it the Inca Girl because of the tattoo... Image is very low resolution .
  14. N

    i need this girl put on the fairing whare the box is.

    id like her to be looking slightly down generally inside the box. the back of her head to the right side of box and hair waving to left side of the box. this is for a wrap idea on my bike. adjust size as needed just want it to look good. its fine if some of her hair is in the hole
  15. albertdsouza

    Space girl

    I was trying to go for the cyborg/ robot effect. Any comments are always appreciated :)
  16. B

    Future of the Internet

    Let us hope this isn't how it turns out (we're pretty much there already?)Let me know what you think of this image.
  17. Alisha Medusa


    Hello. My name is Alisha Fitzgerald. I'm art obsessed. I'm a self taught graphic designer, HTML Coder (is that even the correct name?), Photo-shopper and have been a professional opera singer for seven years. I shall be on this thread in all of my spare time away from Anime, Netflix, LOTR, and...
  18. Willaene

    Photoshop challenge...

    Can you make the girl on this picture look like one of the disney princesses? (I am not actually gonna use it for something except for fun, so only do it when you are bored or something like that) Will :3
  19. B


    Hey! These are some pictures of my best friend, could someone PhotoShop her face onto something funny? It could be anything, she needs a laugh, and this would make her smile :). Thank you.
  20. sprucemagoo1

    the GIRL with the DRAGON TATTOO

    For anyone who really likes the film. Which was made from :- I was going to use a different image, but she had her udders out, so I wouldn't have been able to post it here. :)