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  1. chrisdesign

    3D Neon Sign Art

    A little bit of BLENDER soft glow in the dark.
  2. R

    How to "Vector Mask" layer effect such as Outer Glow?

    I want to hide a small part of the outer glow of a text. I tried vector mask but it is not working. Outer glow can pass through the vector mask! I know there are a lot of workarounds such as rasterize the layer before erasing the glow / create layer style / etc. But I don't want that, I want...
  3. K

    How to make realistic glowing LED effect

    Hello! This is my first post! I'm pretty new to photoshop but not completely helpless. I'm trying to make a realistic LED display identical to this: Here is what I've got: Pretty bad. I've messed with the glow features but nothing looks realistic at all: Still not there. Does anyone have...
  4. J

    help how can i achieve this effect?

    Hi all, how can i achieve the effect on the body the veins with glow and the stone with glow near the chest. greatly appreciate if anyone can guide me along.
  5. MoltresRider

    trouble creating a Meme layer style

    The information here in the following instructions is false. Here’s the process that I use to create meme text in Photoshop: 1. Add the meme text to your photo by creating a text layer (use the Impact font) 2. Either Double click on the newly created text layer, or right-click the layer and...
  6. L

    Glow/Lighting effect

    Hi ya'll! I'm looking for a way to apply a special glow around a layer to brighten the background layers in a gradient sorta way. Here's an example image: So the first cat on the left is a regular layer with an Outer Glow effect attached. This is not what I want, as the glow only seems to...
  7. K

    Glow Around The Border Of Image Effect

    Hey Guys, still learning photoshop :) I'm messing around with glowing effects. So I'm trying to replicate the image that's attached: In order to get the glowing border, it looks like they use a 1 pixel white stroke, and then used inner/outer glows to get the border. When I try to replicate...
  8. J

    how to make a lantern glow with photoshop CS6

    Can anyone please let me have a step-by-step method showing how to make the image of a street lantern glow with Photoshop CS6? I know some steps and am able to reach the GRADIENT EDITOR. But how to proceed from there? Many thanks (in my native Maltese language: Grazzi hafna!) Joe
  9. K

    Shining eyes effect

    Does anyone know if you can.put this effect of those guys eyes on a picture. I really like how they glow/shine and I want to know if there is a way to do that in photoshop. If anyone knows how it would help alot thanks.
  10. pslane

    Where are my blending tools?

    In PS CC 2015, there are some blending selections missing. What's happened to them? I was going to use the outer glow and there is none. Thank you. pslane
  11. T

    BLENDING COLOR: Sunset Glow

    This is my first tutorial
  12. MikeMc

    Topaz Glow....

    If you are an older player with PS you might remember Fractalis This is a newer algorithm and extras from what I have read. Simple plug in for Photoshop, it also runs as a standalone program, thats a first for me from Topaz. As in most Topaz plugins, they have a menu of presets....If you like...
  13. gautamz07

    making a Glow form

    Hey guys , Today is such a boring monday . so i just went around google searching for inspiration and found something quite eye catching , let me share it with u guys :. I really like the design and probably i guy who made it spent a few hours , on the tiny details here and there (The white...
  14. Tom Mann

    It looks like Fractalius is back ... this time, from Topaz

    Topaz's version: The original: At least from the examples...
  15. M

    Trouble with erase tool..I think

    Hi everyone! I found a video on you tube on how to make burn edge effect on your photo. Everything looks great..except that it seems the paint brush i used to erase the edges left an "impression" LOL. It started to show up when i did the "Inner Glow" command. As you can see on the photo...
  16. M

    How do I add glow behind a head?

    Hello, (only meant to post one image - four have uploaded for some reason) This is my first question on this forum. : ) I wanted to create a white glow behind the head instead of the blue glow. I wondered if any of you guys on here would be able to help me know how to best achieve this : ) J...
  17. P

    Polygonal Lasso + Brightness = Unwanted Glow

    Whenever I use the Polygonal Lasso tool lately, and then modify the brightness of the item selected, it creates a "GLOW" around the *outside* of what I have selected. So when I deselect it, there is now this "aura" around the item. I have gone into all the settings, messed with "Feather"...
  18. E

    Rays of Light/Glow Radiating Out from Edges of an Object?

    I've been scouring the Internet for what I hoped would be a fairly straight-forward effect, but so far I've come up empty handed. I'd very much appreciate any help you can provide, and thanks in advance for your time! Basically, I have a set of symbols as vector paths, and I would like to give...
  19. ChrisHPZ

    Actionscript 3 Animated Glow Filter

    Hey everyone, how we doing. I'm working on something that has to do with the AS3 glow filter. What I want is to apply a glow filter to a movie clip using AS3 and animate it. Sounds simple enough right? var symbolName:GlowFilter = new GlowFilter()...
  20. R

    Can you make an outer glow around an invisible object?

    Are the light rays made using outer glow around invisible lines? If not how can I make the white light rays like that in photoshop or illustrator? Thanks