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    Specific Add lights and clear up grains.

    Hello! My friend and I took a picture at Ultra Music Festival 2018 in between sets when there weren’t any lights on the stage going off. Could you add colorful vibrant lights to the stage? It’s supposed to be blasting with colors usually if you google it haha. Also, it was kind of dark so it...
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    Specific Please could you make a grainy photo somewhat clearer?

    I’m hoping this is allowed. If not please remove. My Aunt and Uncle were victims last month of theft and a lot of stock stolen from their shop. With not much luck in finding these two people. We have got a photo from their shops cctv. They have got permission to put there own ads up with hope...
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    grainy skin/ polish

    I was wondering if someone could tell me how to get this grainy skin look and also to make my images as polished overall as the 1st and 3rd images. They seem to be using a plugin for that polished effect but I'm not sure.
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    Can someone help me identify the effect within this graphic/gif?

    GIF/Video - I really like the effects within this gif/video and was wondering what the techniques used are called. Does the effect have a name? I like the grainy darkness of it and the fact it kinda tilts. Any help, advice or tutorials are appreciated...
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    Hello, New to the the Forum...HELP! lol

    I'm getting started on learning how to colorize my family photos. 5 min into my first project I run into an issue and so here I am. Does anyone have some guidance on how I can reduce the "noise" or "graininess" and smooth out the picture that I have attached? I need to figure out how to do this...
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    Grainy to solid colour

    I've scanned a picture, I did it at 600dpi, it came out pretty o.k but there was 2 glaring flaws. The colour is very "grainy", the 2nd picture, when placed back on the original picture is semi transparent for some reason. I would like to turn the red and blue into a solid colour, but I'm...
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    3D Renders look grainy

    This is my first foray into using the photoshop CS6 3D tools. I am doing a lot of composition and in some images I have an item that is being used repeatedly. To make things easier, I have a textured 3D model of that object. If I select a section of the model and hit render, it renders for...