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    Specific Remove Hands

    Hello, I've posted a few times in the past and have been more than happy with the result. Can anyone remove my hands from one of the funny looking pictures, so it just looks like I have a weird looking smile and a messed up face haha? I actually have Photoshop, but my hard drive failed a few...
  2. T

    Please remove man in background and pen out of my hand

    Hi There, Could someone please remove the man in the background (and also the lion head fountain behind his head) and just make the wall that stucco salmon colored finish. Also, I'd like the green sharpie marker removed from my hand. Many thanks!!!
  3. J

    need help with removal of a shadow

    delete this thread please Mod Edit: this thread will not be deleted but closed. PM sent to OP
  4. J

    Spot highlighting?

    Hi all this image is not great quality so any help appreciated, especially anything to out the differences in light, or right hand side/bottom of image.
  5. D

    Game of Thrones

    Hi, Could someone please be so kind as to replace the left hand in picture 1(one on the throne) with the one in picture 2? Many Thanks!
  6. Z

    Request: Remove hand over shoulder

    Hi guys, can someone please remove the hand over my shoulder? Thanks!
  7. M

    Animating hands in Photoshop

    Hi I've got Mikey here, from another piece of software and after I scew him anticlockwise and cut him in half I want to animate his right hand to wave to every one from behind the first letter of the page title. The software I'm going to be doing this in allows Gif animations, so its worth...
  8. S

    Why hello

    Just wanted to say hello. Located a hop, skip, and jump from Rochester NY. Appreciate all the users that lend a helping hand. Regards, Sepen
  9. V

    Please help removing my hand and iPod

    I don't know why but I really find that my hand and iPod ruin the picture, it'd be really appreciated if someone could get rid of them. Also, if it's not too much to ask, could someone also remove the picture frame? Removing the picture frame really isn't necessary but I'd like the background to...
  10. G

    Removal Request

    Hello Photoshop Gurus! I would really appreciate it if the hand, cup, and possibly the people in the background be removed from this photo c: Thank you in advance!
  11. C

    Photoshop request

    Can someone photoshop out the cigarette in the person on the lefts hand please
  12. G

    Who would accept the challange to make us seem beautiful? :3

    Hey guys...I would love to print this picture of my friends and I for my apartment but there are some spots I'd like to fix before I do so... Unfortunately my photoshop-skills are non-existent and so I was wondering if one of you would accept the challange and do me this huuuge favour :( I know...
  13. C

    Photoshop request

    Hello is anyone out there able to photoshop the can out this persons hand for me please? Thank you
  14. Z

    Archangel replace trumpet

    Hi, can anyone remove the trumpet and place a brown beer bottle in the hand ?
  15. N

    Seeking the publics help! 911 Emergency!

    Hey all, I recently had a break in at my apartment and I think I caught the culprit on camera, Its a little dark so I cant quite make out what he looks like and its been years since i've done any photo editing so im looking for the publics help on this one. I'd really love to have a nice clear...
  16. E

    Logo - Russ

    In Norway there is a special tradition for High School graduation; all the graduates form groups and each group buy themselves a van that they drive around in during the last four weeks or so of school. Each van have their own unique name/concept. Me and my friends need a logo for our van...
  17. C

    Please help editing my hand position

    Can someone place my right arm in a natural straight position with my hand in my pocket? I was not ready for the photo and it's the only decent once I've got from this trip. ( not too drunk to be specific ) I want, if someone wants to help, to place my right arm straight not in the position it...
  18. V

    Please help with advice on Pano

    Hi there ive been working on this pano (original size is 19000x5000) all day to fix the curves and im almost happy with it. the only thing thats really still wrong with it is that its to stretched out on the right hand side. Ive been trying for hours to find a way to basically relax the image a...
  19. G

    Can you get rid of her phone holding hand so it wouldn't look like a mirror selfie?

    Can you get rid of her phone holding hand so it wouldn't look like a mirror selfie? Thank U :)
  20. R

    Can someone remove people from photo?

    Hi all :thumbsup: Could someone please be able to remove the four people leaning on the ledge on the right hand side of the picture? Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!