1. Joy

    Magic Hand

    I have two images that I'm trying to not simply meld into one, but rather make the top layer look like it's a light source. Basically I'm trying to have glowing words on my hand. And I feel like I've been hitting a brick wall :banghead: So here are the original images: I kept going back...
  2. S

    adding a hand written notice to a table

    i need to know how to add a hand written notice to a small table i will upload a photo where i would like to add a handwritten notice to a table
  3. Z

    tried my hand at coloring an image

    i think it went quite well actually :P original: mine: Original mine: that on got some filter effects, I'm using it in another project soo :P comments and critique is welcome of course, don't be too harsh though, why am i saying that? you never are :P anway i'll check back in the morning...
  4. L

    Hand tool different behaviour.

    Hello guys! When in full mode I can drag the image with the hand tool freely. When in normal mode I can't usually do that and the image remains "sticked". But sometimes when after reverting from full mode to normal I can drag the image as in full mode. Is this a bug caused by my 8600 GT graphic...