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  1. F

    Restoration Improving a very low resolution image

    Hi. Again me. I hope you are fine. I have an old childhood photo, but I'm having a hard time fixing it. There were red-green pixels in the picture before, but luckily I fixed it using the FFT plugin (with the help of a friend on the forum). But right now I have a pretty blurry picture. Although...
  2. A


    Hi everyone ... new here! I'm a professional pyrotechnician, "SpecialFX-Guy" and show-designer mainly using Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, After Effects, Audition and Premiere Pro ... mainly focused on music-synchronized Fireworks Shows and everything involved with it. Came here to maybe...
  3. MariaT

    Improve image quality/sharpness

    Hi all Is it possible to improve the quality of this pic (taken on a low res camera)? I want the blurness out and it more clearer and sharper. thanks in advance x
  4. M

    in to darkness

    this was my first creation with depth in it it was in a time that splitting up and the heart break did not happen yet but was a sure thing te be .. its my dark interpertation of the "hope, love, faith" theme these are the parts i used this is the result : the clouds, surflines and...
  5. Unscripted


    Here is a composition i made, i would be pleased to hear some feedback to let me know how i can improve :cheesygrin: Some images used:
  6. A

    Daughter's Birthday

    Hello all! My daughter recently had her quinceanera (15th birthday) and unfortunately I did rain quite a bit before the photos. Although I think she looked like a princess, she was upset that the damp weather made the curls in her hair come out. Could anyone please help improve her hair & this...
  7. R

    improve image quality for better reading

    Hi All, I have taken a pic of my text document using my cell phone however due to inadequate lighting condition the image got blurred and not fruitfully readable. Can any one let me know how and what can I do with Photoshop to improve the photo quality for reading purpose. More over since I...
  8. A

    Improve quality of lines

    Is there any way to improve the lines of this image? I'd like to work on it for a wallpaper, but it's only 400x300! Thank you!
  9. O


    Could you please make it a bit lighter and not that blurry? The quality is so bad, I hope there is a way to improve it.
  10. I

    Anime image help.

    Please, could anyone increase and improve the quality of this image? I would need the image quality to be around 1,417 x 4,251 pixels and 120dpi. It is possible?
  11. RobertsDigital

    Hello guys I'm new

    Hello guys. I'm Roberts. I joined to improve on my photoshop skills.
  12. N

    Greetings from Argentina

    Hello, I a hobbits photographer with a basic-medium skill in photoshop. I'm looking for to improve my skill in this program. Hope I can find what I looking for ! See you there !
  13. L

    Hi I'm new here

    Hi guys I'm new here :cheesygrin:. Let me Introduce myself I'm Lokendra from India and I'm 18 years old. I'm just a beginner in Photoshop I use Photoshop just for fun, no business. I hope you all will help me in my editing and suggest me the ways to improve it more :mrgreen:. I hope we can be...
  14. C

    Hello PSG

    Hello I am Crit Hit. I play a Video Game called Final Fantasy 14. My interest is to learn how to retouch and improve in game screenshots. Also i wanna learn and improve colouring techniques for Line Arts/sketches related to that game. So far my attempts have been random and spaced in...
  15. T

    Hello Hello

    well, obviously i'm new. i'm TJ been using photoshop since CS2, for mostly my art (to color) hoping for some help and tips to improve. :) cheers
  16. hershy314

    Lonely Road

    Whipped this up kinda quick. I'm sure there are areas I need to improve on, just not sure how to do it.
  17. B

    The Punisher

    Created this last night from scratch. Used a couple of different Punisher figurines to get him into that pose.Please say if you think I could improve it in any way as it is a bit empty right now.
  18. M

    Please improve the resolution of this image

    This image is the artwork of Brandon Boyd, lead singer of Incubus. I would be grateful if someone could improve its resolution/quality. My boyfriend is a huge fan of Boyd's artwork and I would love to print this one out on a T shirt for him, however unfortunately this was the best quality of the...
  19. T

    HI Guys / Girls looking to improve my limited knowledge

    HI Guys/Girls looking to improve my limited knowledge Thorrrr is from the UK and can see we have some very experienced people here and looking forward to upskilling myself and eventually pass it back to newbies in the future
  20. A

    Hello, From Nigeria

    I'm Abel, new to Photoshop and I'm hoping I could improve my skills in Photoshop with your help, thanks