1. T

    How to make things bigger or smaller in Photoshop CS5

    View the video in 720pHD for improved quality and to see what i do better. This is a detailed Photoshop CS5 Tutorial in which i show you how to make things in a picture appear bigger or smaller, for example, this can be used to make stomachs seem flatter, or bigger for practical jokes on your...
  2. I

    After Effects How to improve an old film

    How can I remove film grain, and make the quality and details better on an older film?
  3. ibclare

    Could use idea to improve this

    I know the content of this may seem a contradiction, but it's really advice I want, :mrgreen: but I will gladly accept any and all opinions! It's a just for fun image. I'm not happy with the vibrance of the figure vs. everything else. I'm also a bit stumped as to how to fix that. Reduce the...
  4. R

    How to improve this background

    I enjoy making space themed backgrounds for my pc but I have struggled with this one and was wondering if someone could help point me in the right direction
  5. J

    Improve image for OCR processing

    I am trying to us PS to improve a scanned image to make it sharp enough for an OCR reader to process it. It doesnt have to be 100%, and you can always alter some of the text, but as there are thousand of files which will potentially require the same process, and there is no possibility of...
  6. M

    Can someone improve the following image - I will be most grateful

    Hi, Yesterday I've post an image and the amazing people in the forum improved it beyond my dreams. Today, I ask for a small favor. I play Warhammer for several years and in 2008 i've downloaded from the french site and set of pdf files for players. The problem is that the image quality is...