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  1. F

    Help with Metallic layers

    Hi guy's , I need some help with metallic layers , I paint car templates and I want to put metallic layers on my templates . So I have the car template and I also have the metallic layers identical to the template. So what I need to know how to do is get the metallic layers onto my car...
  2. W

    Layers workflow, modify any adjustment anytime?

    This has been puzzling me for a while: As shown in the picture attached, I have a layer that controls the saturation at the top, but when I make changes to the saturation settings, the saturation in the blur layer below stay unchanged (originally the saturation layer was below the blur layer...
  3. K

    Multiple Images not loading in Layers

    Hi, I have a very peculiar problem: every time I attempt to load multiple images into Layers in Photoshop, I can see the images being loaded but then they just disappear and there is nothing there. It doesn't matter how many times I try it or if I try from different places, i.e. mini Bridge...
  4. A

    Change of appearance of photoshop file

    I have been working on this photoshop file for a while now, it has several layers. Today after dragging a photo onto it from my desktop, the look of the entire file changed completely. There have appeared empty spaces in a the images and layers and some random black lines. Anyone knows how this...
  5. Markie Jordan-Madden

    Photoshop Layers Not Working Properly!

    I have a weird situation. A Windows 10 Update fiasco somehow wiped Windows from my laptop. After many hours on tech chat, I finally got windows installed again, which means I lost ALL my files on my C drive, including several PSD's I was working on. Re-downloaded Photoshop today, but the layers...
  6. greyhoundrick

    ?: Select & Mask Tool in Photoshop CC 2017

    Hello everyone, Just downloaded PSCC 2017 and am having some problems with the new Select and Mask feature. The main problem is the "Onion skin" and "Layer" view modes won't work with my images. I reset my preferences and also unchecked the graphics processor, but neither of those solved the...
  7. awaixjvd

    Help me making this photo.

    Hi I need kind assistance with creating such thing as show in sample picture attached. I am going to explain the thing i want to make, in a bit more detail: 1. I want to create frames of different sizes and shapes and then the parts of image within those frames be shown only and rest is going...
  8. R

    Layer Alignment

    Well I'm back, Found a new issue I am having issues with. I frequently shoot two tripod supported shots (wireless shutter, heavy manfrotto tripod), one ambient and one with flash. I only change shutter speed, never change aperture so as to not modify the shot. Also, I use back button focus so to...
  9. J

    Invisible filters

    Hi I have used a few filters on the layer. I would like to see them in the layers window as shown in this picture. How to do it? Regards
  10. C

    Illustrator Layer set to Multiply, can it retain that property when PSD file is imported into AI?

    Hi, my first post. I want a layer property, one set to multiply blending mode, to be retained when I import a PSD file into AI or ID. Can that happen? My work-around is to save layer separately but I'm posting this asset for community use and want it to be easy to use. I would love to know if...
  11. J

    My layers all combine into one after reopening a project

    Title says it all. Doesn't matter how many layers I made and whats in them. As soon as I save and close and reopen, they all combine into one layer. Anybody know how to stop this?
  12. M

    Looking through the PhotoShop Guru's to contribute to a unique PhotoShop APPproject.

    Hi All. This isn't an ad. It is the reason I joined this form. MVP works with community-based sports organizations. From the portraits of athletes and team pictures we take, we produce a variety of products . We are now working to steamline our service into an APP. The APP would...
  13. F

    CS6 freezing while attempting to loading psds or psbs containing multiple layers

    I work with a lot of files containing up to 500 layers since I work with videos often. I was trying to open a psb with 500 frames I had imported earlier but had to save for later so I could update my system. After opening it, Photoshop loaded it and in the space where you would expect your file...
  14. E

    Collapsing layers panel at once?

    i have like 50 psd several layers with effects on each of them. i want to collapse them all layers panel but action is not working. is there a way to do it?
  15. R

    Problem with layers

    Hi, I should have asked about this issue a long time ago. Have been working around it for quite a while. Right now for example I used the spot healing brush tool on a copy of the bg layer cntrl j in windows. Now I want to use the clone tool and then reduce the opacity but I don't want the...
  16. J

    Layeres Image Question

    When working with an existing Photoshop document consisting of multiple layers, how do I change/replace one of the layer's images without altering the layer's other properties? Just trying to swap out the layer's existing image with another image which I have saved as a jpeg file on a flash...
  17. R

    Editable Text as a Layer Mask

    Hi, I have two text layers as illustrated in attachment Liquid-Soul_A. The Fill of both text layers is set to 40%. I want to achieve the effect shown in Liquid-Soul_B but I'd like the text to remain editable. Any ideas? I've tried everything I can think of.
  18. C

    Mask several layers with one layer

    I'd like to create a black/white layer, then use it as a mask on several other layers, in such a way that when I change the mask layer, it automatically changes the masking in all the places I've used it as a mask. Is this possible? I can't group the masked layers as they have to be in...
  19. M

    Need help replicating a style

    Hi there, I got this image and I have to replicate it with other portraits, I tried with halftones, separating channels, inverting layers...but i couldn't find out how to do it, anyone here can help me, please? I'm a bit desperate! Thanks in advance!
  20. M

    Files becomes black and without layers

    Hi, I have a problem, the file with whom i work yesterday became black. Yesterday i saved this file and put in standby the PC. This morning my PC has restart and has closed all. When i open Photoshop, some files had recovered, but one not. If i open this files it has only background layers and...