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  1. B

    PSE 9 Layers

    When I want to move the Brightness and Contrast Layer between two layers to work on layer 1, I get a "No Entry" sign and the Adjustment Layer won't move. My error is???
  2. I

    Duplicating layers with different opacity problem

    Hi, I'm a portrait photographer and I have learned some new techniques that require me to make some adjustments/apply filters/etc, on a background duplicate layer and then to tone down the effect that I've created by lowering the opacity of that new layer. Then, the guy flattens the image and...
  3. J

    Saving layers as seperate files with one persistent layer

    I have a few layers and one overlay. I would like to be able to export all the layers to separate png's however can I do that with one persistent layer that is saved with every other one?
  4. K

    Suddenly unable to use or create text layers

    Opened a file that I've used dozens of times; ps said fonts needed updating, which was odd. Then it wouldn't open the file if I gave it the ok to update; it would say 'program error'. If I said not to update, the files would open, but all font layers need updating (even Verdana?). Using the...
  5. M

    Help With Making Layers more realistic

    Howdy, Did a little searching through the archives, but so many posts its' sometimes easier just to ask the question. Just wondering about how to make a layer cut from another pic look more part of the background it's being placed on. I try to keep the pics relatively the same size then I'll...
  6. J

    How to show the 2nd layers stiching

    Here is the original template I think the answer lies in here as you can select layers and add colour without covering the stiching. If we can apply the same technique to Mario then it should work
  7. J

    How to show the 2nd layers stiching

    Hi im looking for some help. What I want to do is allow the stiching on the shoe layer to show threw on the Mario layer, without losing any opacity. If you look at the luigi picture this is how I want the Mario picture to looks like. I am unsure of what technique is used. Any help appreciated
  8. R

    Cant select multiple layers??????

    All of a sudden, I cant use the CTRL+CLICK to select Multiple Layers. When I do, I get this little box at the point of the cursor and ""Load Selection" pops up in the History. Any ideas? Just starting doing this out of nowhere. Thanks....
  9. P

    how do i edit saved layers?

    im new so....anyways.k.i made a painting and saved it as a photoshop saved my layers settings.then. i opened my painting to continue where i left off.when i tried erasing something in one of the layers i saved it in,it wouldnt let wouldnt even let me edit it or anything.plz help.
  10. D

    Layers Disappear Upon Saving PDF

    Citizens of Photoshop Gurus, Whist in the process of writing My Manifesto of Evil and transferring the text to Photoshop so that I may save them into PDFs according to my Will, Photoshop will impudently refuse to bow to my Will, and instead removes layers of text contained within My document...