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  1. A

    urgent help !!auto blend layers issue .

    hi all, this is my 1st time posting here & i come for indeed help !! i have big issue with Photoshop auto blend layers i have tried all selections it never worked totally frustrated !! the issue is when i auto blend layers its either turns white or it doesn't change at all from the original...
  2. revnart

    Text layers language

    Hi :) I'm just wondering is it possible to set basic language of text layers to different than your photoshop UI? I'm using english version of Photoshop, it's much easier for me because of tutorials and.. I hate polish translations of many things in Photoshop :) But I would like to have all my...
  3. R

    Problem with Layers Panel in CS5

    This problem just came out of nowhere today. When I launch Photoshop and open a new or existing document, the Adjustment layers panel and the Layers Panel are collapsed and blank, as in ScreenShot #1 below. If I click on the words ADJUSTMENT and LAYERS the panels expand and go back to normal...
  4. H

    Little box in layer image?

    Hi, I think this question should be easily answered, but I haven't had any luck. I am trying to create a puppet in Ps to use in Character Animator. I've used illustrator successfully, but I'm having a heck of a time getting the same results with Ps. The only difference I see between our layers...
  5. mikecox

    Can I export 35 layers as jpgs in one shot

    I have 35 numbered layers, each an individual page for a photo book. I want to export each layer as a jpg image so I can load them into the photo book module in Lr. Is it possible to batch the task? I tried Export, but that didn't seem to be the answer.
  6. A

    Text box. Hard to grab corners to enlarge?

    Hi Guys, First of all, I would like to say Hi! I do apologise for signing up and instantly asking a question, but after years of struggling with certain things in Photoshop - I thought I should finally sign up! I am using Photoshop Elements 11 on Win 10. I tend to make a lot of info...
  7. J

    Making 2 layers from image

    Is it possible to make 2 different layers from the image? Let me explain. An image with light (shades of white/grey) over which theres pattern in dark color (red/black). Is it possible to make 2 (or more) layers out of this image, 1 with the light shade patterns (or the whole image) and a...
  8. S

    Layers not automatically going into a new group

    Hey All, first time poster. In the past, when I've selected layers and pressed Control + G, Photoshop would create a new group with my layers already included in the group. With the last update, when I create a new group, I have to manually place my layers in the new group. Anyway to get it...
  9. L

    Glow/Lighting effect

    Hi ya'll! I'm looking for a way to apply a special glow around a layer to brighten the background layers in a gradient sorta way. Here's an example image: So the first cat on the left is a regular layer with an Outer Glow effect attached. This is not what I want, as the glow only seems to...
  10. P

    Best Tip for Newbies : Work Non-destructively

    I just wanted to share a few tips with newbies regarding working non-destructively. What is working non-destructively ? This means we try, as much as possible, not to destroy the original pixels of the image. 1. Use Layer Masks instead of the eraser tool /copy and pasting pixels selected...
  11. IamSam

    Our best instructional video tutorials in one place!

    Photoshop Quick Tip: How to Duplicate Layers Created by Pixel and Bracket
  12. Z

    Problem with Layers / Masking

    Greetings, I have stuck on a point to modify a completely free downloadable vertical navigation sample : I can't make/move/reproduce the highlight area to the other buttons. I think it would be easy as these free stuff made stupid-proof...
  13. IamSam

    Daily Tutorial #1 Transparent T-Shirt

    I have always stated that I try to do at least one or more tutorials a day. I find that even if I'm mostly familiar with the technique described in the tutorial, I always seem to find one or more things that I did not know. Another self imposed challenge is to alter the tutorial and try to make...
  14. T

    I just purchased ps - and need basic help! Please!

    I am trying to create (2) Layers and then to merge them - to simply use the background layer (a plaid pattern) as the border for the other layer - an image of a golfer. I go round and round - it seems to make one the background layer - then replace it with the other image instead of putting it...
  15. R

    Unmerging Layers

    I had someone do a few graphics for me with PS and when they sent me the psd file, many of the layers were already merged. Is there a way to unmerge these if the file is coming from someone else, already merged? When I right click the layer, the option to unmerge isn't there. Thanks
  16. L

    How to put a picture in a shape of a completed project

    I need to put a union flag inside this flame, but I can't redo the flame as this skin has three different layers and the fresnel layer would be a huge pain to do again. Thanks.
  17. N

    Automatic Layers Palette

    Over the holidays, some updates were done to the computers where I do volunteer work and my PhotoShop 5CS has stopped bringing up new layers automatically. Prior to this, when working on a pen and ink drawing, each time I added a new "line" or "text", and new layer would show up in my Layers...
  18. R

    Alinging and saving

    I am doing some before and after shots for my website. I want the images to be properly aligned so I exported from LR as layers into CS6. I can auto align the layers but can't figure out how to save as two separate images and not even sure if I am doing this correctly. As always suggestions...
  19. chrisdesign

    3D 3D Female Portrait

    Photoshop 3D work. Created shapes with the pen tool, based on a female portrait. Filled the shapes with 50% Grey. Extruded the layers. Played with 2 different color lights. Leather texture.
  20. O

    Elements 6

    New member here with many questions. Found that I have a copy of Elements 6 here, Is that a decent program to start with? Also I found something called layers in this program. What are layers if I may ask. I appreciate all the help given. Thank you a million Charlie.