1. danny300z

    Image Watermark help

    Hello Everyone! I need something creative help. I don't really know how to use photoshop that well other than basic functions. I have recently started getting serious about my photography, and had just picked out my watermark. My Photography alias is "Mr. Infinity". I had outlined my watermark...
  2. Tom Mann

    I wonder how many of us are left-handed?

    Silly thought: I just noticed that in a recent response to AgentM, Sam noted that they were both left-handed. So am I, and this started me wondering just how many of us are lefties... What say ye? To reduce "self reporting bias" as much as possible, I would ask both left and right handed...
  3. R

    bar showing folders on left of screen

    Hi I just bought the latest version of photoshop with lightroom but i cannot see where to het the left hand bar that shows all the folders that i have, i saw that it was on a screen when i was looking up photoshop but cant find it anywhere. Can anybody help please. Many thanks Robert
  4. G

    Using liquify on face

    I need some help judging on my work on liquify.The left picture is the original and the right picture is the liqufied one.
  5. K

    Help with removing writing

    Hello I was wondering if anyone knows how to remove the word "COBRAS" from this image so that its only the snake left in the image?
  6. B

    Moving an 'object' in an image?

    Hello I am considering using CSS to overlay an image with some short but large text to the right of the crow in this image, but first I would need to move the crow to the left (about 2-3" from the left of the image). Would I achieve that using cropping? Thanks.
  7. M

    Illustrator Absolute beginner question for you.

    OK. So I want to know how I can make a gradient fill for two separate forms. I say forms because it could be several objects or just one object but I can't figure out how the gradient can fill from left to right on a group which has two separated forms. When I try I get the gradient to fill EACH...
  8. K

    help on foggy glasses (one side)

    hi guys! hope everyone is doing well! I've just returned from a law students' end of the year party and took a photo with this rather important guy in the field, however as it turns out I was too nervous and ended up fogging my glasses, I'm wondering if there's anything that can be done to fix...
  9. Smashsmash

    My blinker is on the left side when I put a text, How do I fix this?

    And when I put a punctuation such as a question mark or period, it shows on the left side. How do I fix this?
  10. B

    Positioning images with padding

    Hello I have a blank image 960px wide x 290px high. Inside that blank image, I need to position four smaller images, horizontally aligned, as follows: Extreme left image = 238px wide with right-padding only Second left image = 239px wide with right and left padding of 1px Second right image...
  11. S

    Alteration for 5 pics needed-switching a watch from left to right wrist -$300

    Oct 6, 2014 Hello Everyone, Nice to be here and hope a person with good PS skills can take on this job and make it look natural and real. I have 5 pictures of a watch/timepiece being worn on the left hand. I need it altered so the watch is switched over as if the person is now wearing the...
  12. S

    Moving The Option Bar

    Is there a way to move the option bar over to the right side of the screen. I like to have all my menus, bars and windows on the right had side of the screen and have been able to manage this with all i need to apart from the option bar. Currently its docked at the top and stretches all the way...
  13. S

    REQUEST: Avengers/Marvel theme

    Hey guys and gal, i appreciate you taking a peek at this random request. Anywho! So, as you can see we all posed like dorks being our marvel counterparts, its more of a joke that arisen when we decided that the bald guy in the middle is proffessor X ( hence his invisible wheelchair) but with...
  14. Paul

    Left to right

    I have downloaded a collection of new brushes, and nice they are too (thanks guys). My question is this, when i want to use say a lightning bolt they all appear from the left to the right, how would i or is there any way of reversing the lightning brush image so i can have them coming from both...