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  1. B

    My old stuff

    Hi! I wanna show you some of my old things. I have made it when I was 12y old. I had a long break with Ps but now I am here to learn more. Feel free to appreciate my signatures.
  2. Pipsmom

    High Sierra and well intended helper

    Oh we really do need a space for moaning and venting computer headaches don't we? Never ever let a well intended family member touch your computer I say :bustagut: Out of the blue my hubby decides late last night to be a help me and installed the new High Sierra to my Mac since he had...
  3. B

    Illustrator How long does it take to learn to design good logos

    Hy, How long does it take to learn to design good logos and how many tutorials do you need? Is lynda beginner adobe illustrator course and Udemy enough and then i just have to play with the tools for a while and i will be able to create awsome logos? Thank you
  4. S

    Long time photographer limited Photoshop experience

    Hi, and thanks for having me. My first experience with the Photo(editing)shop game was when A friend asked me to retouch his very endearing family photo. As a photographer I could not say no. But I had no experience in retouching so I contacted a Memphis great and legendary photographer...
  5. M

    Can someone photoshop my cat and add a background?

    Need my cat as a profile picture, but I need some background, I'm not exactly sure what would fit, maybe space I don't care as long as it looks good, thanks.
  6. gedstar

    3D Chateau De PSG

    Just another go at PS 3D Render time 5.5 hours, didn't have the patience to wait that long so stopped it after 3 hours :naughty:
  7. J

    You can call me JoJo

    I like to introduce myself I am JoJo dancer Jenkins but you all can call me JoJo. I have been doing my own style of graphic art on photoshop for a long time just as a hobby. A long time ago a very long time ago I use to come to this website to check out the tutorials, and I have learned a lot...
  8. B

    How is this pattern created?

    Hello all, I have been using photoshop for a very long time and got myself into some very bad habits, I don't use the program to it's full potential and something that could take 5 minutes takes me long periods of time to create due to these bad habits. I am currently trying to replicate the...
  9. agentmoeller

    My new cell phone....

    .... as long as I don't have to fly anywhere.
  10. A

    Color change

    Could someone please change the color of the 3 chrome pieces on the front of this vehicle? Not the long strip just under the hood but the 3 thicker pieces just below that. I'm attaching a photo of a mustang to use as a color sample but feel free to find a better source if its easier. Color I'm...
  11. D

    Newbie to Forum, Oldie to Photoshop

    Hi guys Just registered to the forum as I need some help with something I am trying to do. I'd say I was an inter on photoshop, I understand it well and can do alot on it but clearly not as good as I though I was because I'm stuck on this little edit. I thought the liquify tool was the answer...
  12. Paul

    Long live the Queen

    Of F1 I meant:bustagut:
  13. Paul

    Remove one item and see if we can see what it was you removed, long title i know...

  14. gedstar

    Can you find the mistake

    See how long it's takes you to spot the mistake, don't post what it is just post how long it takes you
  15. Paul

    Holiday snaps/videos

    DV8 or Vee to those who know him shares with the community his diving for veggies video i didn't realise he was over six feet long i had him down for about five three:mrgreen:
  16. I

    Help needed for shirt design Photoshop. Much appreciated.

    Hi, I'm trying to design some shirts but I needed Photoshop to visualize them to study how they will look. 1) In the blue shirt pictures that I sent, there is the original picture and a comparison pic. I want to see in three different ways compared to long sleeves (i.e. three different...
  17. Paul

    Anyone know what this might be?

    Found it dead in the pool earlier while doing a winter clean, 70mm long. :pimp:
  18. MrToM

    CC 2015 - First Impressions...

    Perhaps this tells the story so far... Not very good considering its not even 5 days old yet. Personal experiences are not good. Note: The below is particular to my system and not necessarily the same for...
  19. IamSam

    Larry Bratton 1945-2015

    PhotoshopGurus has lost a valued member. I'm sad to announce that our friend and fellow moderator Larry (ALB68) has passed away. On Monday June 15, 2015 around 10:45 PM, Larry Bratton lost a long battle with Congestive Heart Failure. He was 69 years old. Larry my friend, you will certainly be...
  20. hawkeye


    Please help my friend Ali Gamal to feed the poor people in Egypt. Even if you can only afford a dollar, it will go a long way towards helping these homeless adults and children.