1. T

    Please help with my photo

    Hello I got one photoshop request! First I want to say that I am sorry for my bad english. So my request is that I want to ask you can you remove one shoulder of a guy in my engagement photo? I will send you two photos. On the one of the photo I draw a circle to mark which shoulder I want to...
  2. Inkz

    Facebook logo || F B Monogram || Practice

    Just really playing around with the idea of a F B monogram logo where the F looks like a page of a book. This was just for fun and practice. However, if you see this Mark and want to talk
  3. B

    Gurus is there any way we can add water mark to a video using Photoshop ??

    Gurus is there any way we can add water mark to a video using Photoshop ?? If it so can you give em a tutorial or something.Thank you !!
  4. T

    Remove My Shaving Cut PART 2!

    Well here is another simple easy edit for photo shop veterans. Can someone please remove the cut on my chin? Along with the red mark on my nose. I know my photos are low res, it was taken in a web cam chat room so the quality degrades compared to using webcam software. I also have minor acne...
  5. M

    Hello everyone

    Great to become a member here. I've been using PS for about 20 years but mostly for portrait photography. Now I want to expand into other areas and thought it would be fun to connect with other photoshoppers here. Thanks for having me. Mark (mjs6789)
  6. Smashsmash

    My blinker is on the left side when I put a text, How do I fix this?

    And when I put a punctuation such as a question mark or period, it shows on the left side. How do I fix this?
  7. Vafann

    Gigantic Question mark

    What just happened here? I was writing an addition to this discussion we were having about file sharing, and when I hit submit, the whole thing was gone. I can understand that you might delete questionable links, but why the discussion? If it was in the wrong place then it should have been...
  8. R

    nebula mark 2

    Added a focal point and colour