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  1. blasteralfred

    Specific Change the colour of water in a glass

    Hi friends, I am a beginner in Photoshop. I have an image of a guy holding a glass of water. Is it possible to change the colour of water, so that it will look like whiskey? I tried selecting the glass alone, making a new layer, flling it with colur and changing the opacity. But it is not...
  2. P

    Could not use the tool because of a disk error.

    I just downloaded the new photoshop monthly subscription. Photoshop seemed to work on my one computer, but when in selection masking space attempting to use the selection tool brush, this error appears 'Could not use the tool because of a disk error.' I verified my disk in disk utility and the...
  3. S

    Masking Tutorial?

    Hello, is there a basic masking tutorial anywhere? I used to be GREAT at it but it's now been 10 years. I was taught by a colleague at University when I was masking small images from currencies to use in a print. I remember I needed to do something with layers first (or be sorry later) & needed...
  4. Z

    Problem with Layers / Masking

    Greetings, I have stuck on a point to modify a completely free downloadable vertical navigation sample : I can't make/move/reproduce the highlight area to the other buttons. I think it would be easy as these free stuff made stupid-proof...
  5. IamSam

    Daily Tutorial #1 Transparent T-Shirt

    I have always stated that I try to do at least one or more tutorials a day. I find that even if I'm mostly familiar with the technique described in the tutorial, I always seem to find one or more things that I did not know. Another self imposed challenge is to alter the tutorial and try to make...
  6. gedstar

    Design-Ready Objects for Adobe Photoshop

    Not sure if anybody has come across this site, if not it's worth checking out, it's completely free. Download powerful objects as PSDs complete with Selection Masking, Layered Lighting, Independent Shadow, and Depth Layer.
  7. P

    Remove sky but leave out-of-focus powerlines

    Hello to All I'm trying to remove the sky from an image & it's going fine except for the powerlines. The towers are easy but the powerlines are just too whispy for the limited masking techniques I know. I've never tried the channel method & I'm not sure even it would work here as the lines are...
  8. B

    Help me fix this problem please on channel masking

    Hi Gurus today am trying to cut an image from its white background using channels .Everything goes well.But when am working on it i see a small lines around the image which are being created while am masking it with the brush tool and its creating a hallow white borders around the final product...
  9. D

    Unable to create mirroring glasses effect

    Hello, I am trying to recreate the effect seen on the purple glasses (mirror effect), but for the life of me, my usual approach of flipping vertically, cutting, moving and masking does not work. Can someone please help me out and point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  10. B

    Masking problem

    I'm having a really weird Photoshop problem, wondering if anyone has experienced this and can tell me what's going on. Masking is not completely masking. When I go to the layer mask (not vector) and paint with a black brush, the pixels are not entirely going away. In other words, it looks like...
  11. M

    Adjustment Layers

    Hey guys I am pretty new to Photoshop... I am getting tested to see how well I know Photoshop, and I came across one question that was difficult for me. I was asked to take a photo with a woman wearing a white shirt and make it magenta using masking and any adjustment layer. *(I am not positive...
  12. English_Wolf

    I created an action t make luminosity masks on the fly

    I just did not like the way luminosity masks were made and the complexity and repetition of the steps involved. :frown: So... I looked at pre-made luminosity masks and found out they are all the same, marketed differently and frankly not worth the $$$. :evil: I looked at different techniques...
  13. P

    Help with making a picture

    Hey guys, I need some help with making a picture of a dog's face inside a flower. (call it Collie (dog's race) flower.) :) I posted 2 attachments in the post - 1 for the actual dog's picture and the 2nd for the referrence of what I want to make, but I don't know how to make it. If it is possible...
  14. L

    REQUEST: Need help with eye swapping my lazy eye :(

    Hello everyone, New to the forum. Getting serious about teaching myself photoshop. In the meantime though - could someone please lasso, clone, or whatever it is you do, and swap out my bad eye (my left) in these photos? (is it possible with the head angle/tilt?). I would just like it to look a...
  15. S

    I am having trouble with layer mask settings (I THINK)

    Hi there, this is my first post of hopefully many i love using photoshop however my enjoy has been mered wtih an issue i have with my layer mask.. When i try to use layer mask to blend two images together where it used to completely remove the top layer it now only removes like 80% leaving like...
  16. peta62

    Question about differences in transfering masks to selection and back

    Hello, I considered posting this in the newbies section, since I am sure it will be trivial for some, so please feel free to move it there if you think it should be there. But please explain me what I try to figure for a long time. I make layer mask which is a bit fuzzy, so it merges...
  17. S

    Masking question

    :neutral: OK. So I created a mask to drop out the background of an image. Then I create a new file with the canvas size I need. In that file I create a solid fill layer. Now I paste my masked image into the new file and the background of this image appears to opaque white. I am under the...
  18. B

    PS CS5 - Advanced Channel Masking Technique [1080p]

    Hello guys! First post on this forum! Why not let it be an epic one :D Be sure to comment on the youtube video and or like if it was helpful! :naughty: Image used in video: Please be sure to leave some feedback as it is quite hard to get them :neutral:
  19. S

    "Masking" in Camera Raw

    Hi - Would someone please tell me what the "Masking" adjustment does within Camera Raw's (I have 4.6) Sharpening section? With the image at high magnification and moving the slider to extremes, I am not seeing any changes to my image. Thank you.
  20. A

    Masking a Moving Object

    I've imported a short (2 second) video into PS as layers together with a still of the same scene. I want to create a mask for a flower which is moving. Do I need to mask each individual frame or is there an easier way of achieving this? I can't just create a big mask round the flower and it...