1. J

    Can someone remove the dirty mirror?

    Can someone please edit the dirty mirror? and if it's possible remove the towels?
  2. A

    Remove mirror from the photo

    Hello, Can someone remove the silver car's mirror from the photo ? Also if you could add a little clarity to the picture ( focused on the black car mostly) i would really appreciate. Thank you.
  3. O

    mirror refelctions

    can anyone tell me how to remove reflections from mirror pictures? I've attached a picture iv'e taken and a picture of how id like it to look.
  4. Eggy

    3D 3D Typography Mirror Mirror On The...Wall?

    Another exercise in 3D using a mirror effect.
  5. G

    Can you get rid of her phone holding hand so it wouldn't look like a mirror selfie?

    Can you get rid of her phone holding hand so it wouldn't look like a mirror selfie? Thank U :)
  6. B

    Please help me turn the gavel into a jail cell

    Is it possible to turn this gavel(the head bit) into a prison cell. Im making a poster for a human rights charity organisation and want to show the irony of how some people do not have fair trials even in court. So i would like to make the gavel into a gavel cage (if that makes sense). And have...
  7. F

    Can someone blend these two images for me please, newb having a nightmare...

    Hi guys, I am a complete beginner to photoshop. I keep trying to blend these images together but they turn out horrible. I would appreciate it a lot if someone could help me out, it is for a part of a college presentation. Im trying to blend the letter v into the mirror so it looks like it is...
  8. B

    Help me delete camera from a mirror photo

    Hi everyone, I have tried looking up everything there is about the clone stamp tool on youtube but I can't get the results I need. I hope someone here can help me :neutral: There is a color variation between the top and bottom port of the mirror that I can't match even if I try making smaller...
  9. W

    How can I make this?

    Hey guys, I'm working on my portfolio to get into the art program at my school and I want to use the reflective rectangular prism elements in these two album covers in one of my photographs. How can I make these? I know how to make/move/scale a rectangular prism with the 3D extrusion tool in...
  10. Paul

    Man in the mirror

    Jesus H christ a diddler, i need a drink:bustagut:
  11. J

    can someone help me with my problem?

    Hi Guys, I'm new to this forum, but I must say the work that everyone has done looks great! I need some help with an image I'm trying to make. Its supposed to look like someone seeing themselves in a mirror. I had trouble making a silhouette of a face, and then had trouble making it look...
  12. B

    Mirror effect on images that are not 2d or 90 degrees

    Hi, I am trying to create the mirror effect/reflection and can do it find on objects that are flat or 2d but I have some images that are on a 45 degree angle and when you vertically flip it a copied layer of the image, the images are of course bottom point to top point. For example, if there...
  13. chris-in-cali

    the mirror effect

    Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me out. I draw alot, and with things like hearts it is very hard to get both sides to match perfectly. I have seen someone use photoshop, to take only half of the heart they have drawn and duplicate it, so its reversed, mirror type effect, combine...
  14. Composer

    Product image and bending mirror reflection?

    How do you "wrap" the rounded edges around the main image with the reflection like this? Right: YouTube - Re: Adobe Photoshop CS4 Tutorial Spiegeln Wrong: YouTube - Adobe Photoshop CS4 Tutorial - Spiegeln Once you flip the reflection layer,how do you bend the image so it's lined up in a...