1. relssek

    White Noise

    I'm not a photoshop expert, but I get by, How would you hanlde this white noise specially in the dark areas. I did not get anywhere with noise filtering, i need a more complex technique. Anyone as an angle to takle this?
  2. M

    How to both reduce noise and sharpen an image non-destructively.

    Ok, hey guys. I've got this macroshot of a grasshoppers face with the rest of the body going into shallow dof-ness. Only the very front of the face is sharp and even the back of the eyes starts to go blurry. The image is great, but I got a problem. I can't figure out how to sharpen the front...
  3. M

    Noise Ruduction Problem in ACR 9.12

    Hi all, I recently updated my CC package which included Camera RAW's upgrade to 9.12. I can no longer see any change in noise when using the Noise Reduction/Luminence slider and i've run out of possible ideas to whats causing it. Please help!!!
  4. Pipsmom

    Faded picture

    Got a tough cookie to crack with this picture. I've read and read on here and applied different techniques...channels, shadows highlights, saturation, multiply......and the noise! oh my goodness the noise..... but nothing is working the way I want. Can you guys give me some guidance bringing...
  5. H

    How do I clean up scanned images in CS6?

    Hello! How do I go about cleaning up the noise in a scanned image / document in CS6? I scan my images with a Ricoh Aficio SP 311SFNw printer and whenever I print out those images, the whole page comes out grey (tons of digital noise). This does not happen if I were to scan and print an image...
  6. ZeroCool22

    Match grain/noise on a photomontage, is there a better method?

    A lot of tutorials show how reduce noise, but what i would like to know is the best way to match a noise/grain when u add an object/person to the photo, to make looks like that object/person was there since always. The "ADD NOISE" feature not always give good results, because it's a specific...
  7. R

    Can anyone remove the noise from these photographs of my grandmother and her brother?

    I've attached the photos to the post and also linked them through imgur. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  8. C

    Hello, New to the the Forum...HELP! lol

    I'm getting started on learning how to colorize my family photos. 5 min into my first project I run into an issue and so here I am. Does anyone have some guidance on how I can reduce the "noise" or "graininess" and smooth out the picture that I have attached? I need to figure out how to do this...
  9. D

    Grainy Noise effect

    Is anyone able to tell me if there's a particular name for the type of effect applied to the photos on this site (it's a demo of a Wordpress theme): . I'm referring to the layer of noise; when you zoom in you can see it's a screen of tiny black squares. Gives...
  10. T

    creating stars with transparent background

    Hi Everyone, (sry but for some reason I can't hit Enter key), I like to know how do I create stars with transparent background? I started with a blank transparent background but then it won't allow me to apply Noise. Not sure how to get around. Also can I control the thickness of dots when using...
  11. J

    Effect request: blown out + noise + particles + desaturation

    Hi, I was wondering if someone is kind enough to help me with the following effect. Notice: -the blown out whites and blacks -the noisy effect, -and the particles. Has anybody seen a tutorial or advice showing a similar result that can point me to? Thanks
  12. Z

    really notorious noise in my camera?

    yeah i'm starting to get that little bit miffed with the noise in my camera, even at low ISO all i get is noise and overexposure when in all honesty i don't think I'm doing anything wrong, the picture on the screen looks perfect but in on the PC i get a big noisy mess. i think i'd get a bit...
  13. ibclare

    Levels changing with noise (for star field) on black layer

    I'm not sure if this is the fright place, but . . . I am trying to crate first a basic starfield using noise to begin with. The initial step is, add noise, then levels. I got the effect I wanted in preview while applying level changes but as soon as I clicked OK, the effect disappeared and...
  14. A

    Excessive grain/noise after editing in PS CS5 RAW

    I have a Canon EOS 450D and started taking photos in RAW and edited the photos afterwards with the PS RAW editing function. Often, the result on the "RAW screen" is good enough and I do not open PS CS5. The following happened (I edited nearly 100 photos like this, but printing them was a...
  15. C

    Extracting Photograph Noise as a black and white layer from Photograph

    I am looking to extract natural noise from a photographs material and create a black and white layer out of it, but I am new to photoshop and unsure how to proceed with this. For example, here is a photograph of a hard plastic gun. I have seen on forums where users will find a good reference...
  16. J

    Can I remove blur and noises to be able to see the car's number plate in the photos?

    Dear members, I recently got photos captured from a surveillance camera in order to read the number plate of the car in the video. I'm an amateur so I need your help. What can I do to read the number plate in the picture? P.S. I will pay if I have to. Please help!!! Thanks in...