1. S

    Specific Compositing products into scene

    Hi everyone, I am trying to create a scene of a kitchen table with a couple of items on it. I have all the pictures for it and I tried to put them together, but it looks way off- perspective, proportions, colours and shading/lighting are all different, and I don't know where to begin to fix...
  2. W

    Restoration Restore old photo

    Hello, I have here this old photo, of my great-grandmother with her children, which I would like to restore, as well as possible. Me as a basic Photoshop user tried things as playing with contrast, curves etc, didn't help that much. Could someone help me with this? I know the photo isn't that...
  3. IamSam

    Still Life Digital Painting (study)

    As promised, I have some more art to contribute. I was getting ready for a dog painting but I recently became interested in posting a still life painting for the purpose of establishing myself as a credible digital artist who knows a little about what he's talking about. I'm not trying to prove...
  4. N

    Please edit photo

    Hi all, I have attached a photo of me and my dad which I have recently found. I do not have many photos and it is probably my favourite of us ever. As you can see, there is permanant texta on the original. Any help would be greatly appreciated to remove this as fathers day is this weekend...
  5. S

    How the hell did i do that :$

    Hello... Im sure this would have popped up before, could someone help me on this image... and tell me how the hell did i do that ? The original image on the left and right image happened when i tried to paste another image side by side of the original. Also wanna know if there is a way to get...
  6. chrisdesign

    3D Amazing Pipe Maze

    It looks like I can't get my hands off the pipes. Well that was a good BLENDER exercise, but I lost the orientation a few times during the work. The first image is a render of the original creation. The following 4 images show 'zoomed in' details, though I rendered them all from different angles.
  7. J

    remove text from these pics

    hope u guys can help me remove the text circled in red let me know if its doable, they are kinda hard. http://i.imgur.com/tvCh8Jo.jpg http://i.imgur.com/XPxO3M9.jpg
  8. Eggy

    3D swimming-pool 3D Typography

    Due to a complete lack of inspiration I played with PS 3D for a change. Didn't used that since long and apparantly the interface changed the last couple of updates. I had to find my way again. Once the pool finished I kind of lost interest and cheated (:redface:) and used 3 3DArchive objects...
  9. D

    Please help!

    Could someone please photoshop the jet-border in front of the fountain keeping both images clear and the person the same size as in the original? Thanks so much in advance!
  10. H

    Trying to make high res image of this logo

    Hi there Great forum, and be gentle with me as my first time here lol. I am trying to help a friend who has a logo she uses on her leaflets. She hasn't got the original high resolution file, it is a simple type of design but I can't recreate it. Is anyone here able to help please? Thank you in...
  11. agentmoeller


    I did a redo of the "fish dinner" painting from a month or so ago. Didn't like the original, so I re-imagined it.
  12. S

    Can someone remove the background?

    Hello! Please remove the background and make them into pngs, original size! Need it for a project!
  13. M

    Restore faded photo

    I would like to have this photo restored. The borders are the original color of the photo. Can it be blended back to the original without the edges being a different color?
  14. D

    Family Project Request Please

    Hello, This photo is from 1981. Over time the photo has taken on a sepia tone. Could someone please restore this to its original state? It is for a family project and would mean a lot. Thank you.
  15. C

    need help making this text look like grunged

    I wanted to use following picture as book cover and changed title but i couldn't assimilate text to background. How can i make this text look like grunged as in original. psd https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B80SShaxjEt5c2JNTlNUd2pNdEU/view?usp=sharing original photo and what i made
  16. R

    need help to change color of lips

    hi there, i need help to learn change color of this lip to second image lip color, any one teach me how to do it. i tried using few threads of this forum but it doesn't helps me :( here is the original image here is the color i want>> Thank you very much! if you can help me to get this...
  17. E

    Please HELP! Birthday present SOS

    Hi! Ive tried turning an image into pop art using the posterize tool, but when I do it the face of the girl looks very dark and her facial expression does not resemble the one in the original picture. Here's the original and the one that I did. Could someone help me make her face more clear...
  18. B

    Gurus help requested

    Hi Gurus.i need an expert advice or a tutorial .As am trying to create a scene using some lamps etc.. The original color of the lamp is lemon yello and i want to change the color to white.I tried Black and white layer style option .But its only showing gray color not the white color.I even tried...
  19. J

    Need Faces Swapped in Photo $20

    Order filled.
  20. Z

    Am trying to replcate this photo effect

    Hi Gurus as its Saturday no office and i opened my favorite Photoshop and tried to replicate a photo effect i come across on a web page.I added and used the photo filter and tried to play with exposure etc...But am close enough.Gurus plz guide me through.Also i attached the original image, my...