1. L

    Something to be shown at the bottom when exceeds the top border

    Hi to all I'm sorry for my not so great title, but I just don't eally know how to call what I want to do... In general, I want to create a picture that if I were to duplicate it and put it on top of the original, it will "connect" and look like a continuation of the original picture. This is an...
  2. P

    Digital Make Up/ Retouch

    Hi everyone, it's been a while since the last time I postet here. :wink::lol: Original image from: http://www.rgbstock.com/photo/mWk5ODC/Fashion+Photography (user:vierdrie) would love to hear some opinions on this click to enlarge
  3. Igrecman

    Dress a subject with new clothes.

    In the two pictures bellow, the clothes from two famous pictures were pasted on the tennis player and shaped in the correct position with the Warp and Distort tools. It's easier than it looks if you can find it in almost the same pose and angle as the subject. In the second one, it was more work...
  4. Positronic

    Greetings from down South

    Hello everyone. 27 years old, working as a Cisco Switch Admin at a chemical refinery down here in the south, but will be returning to college soon to pursue my degree in Nursing (male nurse what what). Always had a love for Photoshop but have never really gotten as proficient with it as I'd...
  5. Paul

    Face changing test

    Just a bit of fun, anyone can have a go so please do. Change the original faces for any you see that might fit, could be superstars/rock stars/sports stars even your own family members, the idea is to match seamlessly to the original (make them look as one). Original image by Raphael Good...
  6. D

    Changing DAYTIME to NIGHTTIME..?

    Hi photoshop masters, I'm trying to change this photo (attached below) from it's plain, overcast-ish original to a dramatic nighttime photo. Can anyone recommend any tutorials or advice? thanks!!
  7. H

    Photo Enhancement/Touch Up Job $15

    Hi! Just got back from NYC celebrating my 5 year anniversary (a very special occasion to me). I have an applicable (and super cheesy, I know) pic I would love to perfect. Requests: Remove the items I have circled in red (4) Fix my skirt at the end (right side) where it's pulled up a bit (not...
  8. LRG

    IBM model m keyboard

    After ~30 hours of work here is my model m. Made in 1989---real legend:cool2: Original on my desk;) Just for fun, hope you like it! Not THAT dirty in real...
  9. G

    Getting Rid of Original Outline

    Hi, I tried enough stabbing in the dark, so I am looking for some educated help. I am working on this gymnastics pose but I want to create a new outline with anchors - so I can edit it in a different way. I created a new outline (as you can see in the pic) by using the Freeform Pen Tool. Now...
  10. Mogsy

    Original version of PS

    I have just gave myself a little PS history lesson and had a look on Youtube at the very first version of PS (1990 I think?) and wow, its amazing how it has developed and how far it has come ! (Although some tools seem fundamentally the same) I was still running around in my teenage mutant...
  11. W

    How to save a picture to the original fieltype/quality?

    Okay, I am an absolute and utter newbie in image editing. But I've started using more images in my video work, so I need to start learning. I'm confused about the simple act of saving. I have a .jpeg image from my camera that I opened in Photoshop and simply removed the red eye. That was...