1. F

    Change an image with another (taking its shape)

    Gooday to all, i'm new in the forum and a newbie in photoshop. I've to do a flyer for a music band, and i have to substitute a shaped image with another. This second one should take the shape of the original one on the same layer. How can i do it? Thanks a lot
  2. D

    Help with hair selection?

    Hi, I've been trying to improve with photoshop. I always had issues with hair selection. I've been using refine edge (can't use color range) and this is the best i've achieved so far: Can I get a bit of help? What can I do better? This is the original image:
  3. O

    Interesting Image Overlay

    Hello! I realize this request may be a little strange (and possibly challenging, but I'm no expert) but I'd be very grateful if someone was able to fulfill it for me. I was hoping someone would be able to edit together a picture of my cat: With this space artwork as the background: In the...
  4. S

    How to create faded effect on an image ?

    How to create faded effect on an image ? i saw this image and i want to replicate it. Am a beginner photoshoper . I attached both the targeted and the original images to learn from the experts and Gurus. see i tried my way by masking.But am not satisfied and want to learn in a correct way of...
  5. A

    Lady Winter

    Just practicing some things nothing special, i tried to blend it the best i could, but the is something just not convencing me on the image. Original Cheers!
  6. C

    Strange grainy effect when I save a retouched photo...Help Please

    Hi, I would really appreciate any help. I'm retouching photos and whenever I save a file.. the image looks a little strange compared to the original... it looks kind of grainy and off. In the attachments I have with this post... the left image is the edit and the right image is the original to...
  7. P

    photoshop automatically apply filters?

    Hi guys, i wonder if anyone has encountered the situation where after you apply filter to a layer and then duplicate that layer, the new copied layer comes out with the original filter applied again on it so it becomes 2 x strength filter effects? Is this something that can be deactivated?
  8. M

    Make curved scale with hash marks

    Thanks for accepting me on your wonderful forum I've been looking around and there's a lof of knowledge here. I am an electronics hobbyist and have played with photoshop here and there but this time I'd like to know the right way to draw this. I need to print out an altered face following...
  9. Sidney Marshell

    Check out my Star wars movie poster

    Thank you for the help! Two months of hard work is finally finished.! Pls comment.! If you guys look at the original image, you will never believe i have done this with it.
  10. Paul

    Before and after manipulations from your own camera.

    Taken earlier up in the hills around Brigadoon, just sitting there rusting away i gave it the treatment. Original. Manipulated. Have you got any to share...must be your own mind.
  11. D

    I love twerking!

    Original Final What do you guys use instead of that ugly blur i did on her shorts?
  12. A

    Keeping original wall colour

    Hey ! So I'm working on this projects, where I want to decorate a room with paintings and stuff like that. But I got a problem with the shelves. I want to put the shelves I saw in a picture on the internet, but to keep the original wall colour on the background I'll attach a photo so you know...
  13. A


    Hi, this is a work i recently did, i like to know your opinions , mistake, suggestions how to make it better. They ask me to create a montage using this 3 images. This are the original images This is the montage
  14. B

    How to make these impressive effects ? Please Teach me.

    How to make these impressive effects ? Please Teach me Experts .Is it masking effects?? Effect - 1 (Original ) Effect - 2 (Original ) I searched the images they used there I attached Below.Image _ 1 Image _ 2
  15. D

    Smart Objects Limitations

    I understand the power of smart objects and their non destructive nature, however there are edits that can't be done with them. For instance, frequency separation. All the videos I've seen at some point tell you to "apply image". This can't be done to a smart object because the action is grayed...
  16. S


    Hi I have a background jpeg ("partially locked") and a background copy. When I make changes to "background copy", and I open the original, the same changes appear in original. I thought the background orig. should remain unchanged. Am I wrong? Is it a setting somewhere? Obliged for any help here.
  17. Eggy

    Reversed Restoration

    An exercise in 'aging' Original Corroded
  18. D

    Need images modified

    I have photos of machinery that I need the color scheme changed on them. I have about 45 pictures I need edited. In the attachment is a .psd file that has one original photo out of the set, layers showing what I'm looking for for the set and two photos that are not part of the set that shows the...
  19. B

    whats the keyboard short cut to the toggle between alpha channel & the original layer

    whats the keyboard short cut to the toggle between alpha channel & the original layer in windows environment ?? :banghead:
  20. B

    Original shadow on a flooring (or a wall)

    Hi everybody and thanks in advance to those who will follow the thread. I need to change the tiles on a floor and a wall, but then I must keep the original shadows. After changed the floor tiles, I've tried to restore the shadows making a copy of the background, than desaturated and inverted...