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  1. D

    Copy all paths from JPEG and paste them into a PSD?

    Hi All, I have been searching around for this and I thought it would have been a common request. I have hundreds of JPEGs in a folder called 'JPEGs' and identical PSDs in a folder called 'PSDs'. I have sent out the JPEGs for pathing and I want to bring the paths from the JPEGs into the PSDs...
  2. C

    Freeform Pen tool -- how to stop it from curving my path

    I'm trying to create a path using the freeform pen tool. When I have drawn the path and release the mouse button, photoshop cc automatically curves the path or even sometimes straightens it. I'm guessing/hoping there is a setting to prevent this and keep the path exactly as I drew it, but I...
  3. B

    Creating a 'Adjustable Frame'

    What I'm trying to do is create a 'adjustable frame', a top layer that acts just like a picture frame would for an actual picture. I'd like to be able to re-size this frame so I don't have to keep re-cropping/filling the areas every time I make a change. I've tried looking into how to accomplish...
  4. MrToM

    Is It Just Me..? #7 CC 2015.5 & 2017.0

    Yet another one... Stroking a path with the 'Quick Selection' tool... To replicate: 1. Open an image...anything will do. 2. Set 'Quick Selection' tool to 'New Selection', 'Sample All Layers' and 'Auto - Enhance'. 3. Add a new blank layer. 4. Create a closed path by whatever means you...
  5. E

    Turning Path Selections into Shapes

    Hello! Does anybody know of that "Shape" button in the Pen Tool's tool bar that allows you to turn any path into an immediate shape? It used to be my go to button when I had a selection that I turned into a path so I could turn it into a shape. However I recently got Photoshop CC and I can't...
  6. C

    Odd pen tool behavior in CC 2015

    I use the pen tool regularly in CC 2015 and for whatever reason it's begun behaving oddly today. For instance, If I place an anchor point without handles on screen, then add a connecting path to another anchor point with handles and attempt to modify the path using the CTRL (CMD) key, a handle...
  7. Y

    Mirroring and combining path?

    Question in the title
  8. Eggy

    A Monks Path

    Yep, me again... I used and some small stuff to make
  9. S

    Need some help with text paths

    Hi, I've been trying to modify text that follows a certain path, but I came across a problem. Below is a sample image of what I want: I drew a path (pen tool) and using the type tool i clicked on the path so as to have my text follow that path. But I want the text to read from the bottom up...
  10. MoltresRider

    Path tool Fill/Stroke options always grayed out

    I am having an issue with the fill/stroke options always grayed out whenever I use the paths tool. I cannot follow a single tutorial on any stroke path tutorial. There are about a dozen tutorials on how to do a dotted stroke, none of which work because they all tell me to use the fill/stroke...
  11. T

    Illustrator Bold Text in Adobe Illustrator

    Apologies in advance, I am an Adobe Illustrator novice and am having an extremely difficult time transforming the Myriad Pro text into bold headers for my document. When I follow the steps posted online, I get an 'inkblot' shape, rather than bold text: 1. Select text using 'V' 2. type -> create...
  12. M

    How do I do this?

    I apologize if this is not the right thread for my question. I am having problems getting my text the way I want it, and hoping someone here can help me out. The lettering in the upper left corner. How can I do this in photoshop? I use CS3. I want my test to align straight across the top...
  13. J

    Variable Troubles - Relative Path not importing

    So I have huge datasets that have 10 or so variables. I use the same file for batching every data set and have had NO issues tonight so far. Now randomly when I import my CSV file just ONE of the images is not importing the relative path. Most of my variables are text but I have 3 images and 2...
  14. L

    "Select a path in the paths pallete" - how to?

    I'm trying to learn how to "storke" a path. First, I define a path (using the pen tool) consisting of only two anchor points (both corners), and Photoshop draws me a thin line between them with little squares on top of each ot the two points. Now, I want to "STROKE" this line with one of the...
  15. I

    bounding box not appearing?

    Hi Guys, I'm following this Tutorial. I've drawn in an eclipse as a Path. Then i need to go to my path selection tool (the little black arrow), click on it, and then this bounding box should appear where i can adjust the size and so on.... But..... the bounding box doesn't pop up. Why is my...
  16. I

    Can't get the path to fill...

    Hi, I'm trying to follow a tutorial. In this tutorial we create some paths. Then we need to Stroke Fill these paths. In the video it seems no problem, with me the options stay grey.... I can see that my screen is different than his, but i can't figure out what i'm doing wrong. This is a...
  17. P

    Problem with magnetic pen tool

    Hallo, I have problem with pen magnetic pen tool. When I draw path, I have chosen (in magnetic pen tool settings) many anchor points on my path. I see them there. But When I finish my drawing (the start and end point are connected together) the path is not that accurate. Photoshop plain the...
  18. V

    Can't Rasterize Path that is a Line

    Hi, I have a path that is a curvy line. I want to rasterize it, but how???? I was able to stroke the path, but obviously though it looks like a rasterized line, it's NOT. By rasterized.....I mean a layer NOT connected or associated to any path which has pixels of the curvy line. I see from...
  19. R

    Unable to paste large amount of text into work path CS6

    I am trying to make a similar design for myself as seen on this site: and am running into some trouble in CS6. I first select the layer that I would like to overlay with text, right click to make a work path, switch to text and click within the area so that the text sticks...
  20. R

    Question About the Pen Tool and Creating a Path

    Hope I can state this question clearly. I'm trying to figure out how to assure that the adjustment handles on a particular anchor point exactly form a straight line with each other, rather than having one handle going off at an angle vs. the other handle. In the illustration below, in the...