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  1. W

    Specific Remove person from background

    Hi! Could you please remove my friend who is smoking in the background? Thanks a lot!
  2. J

    Specific delete person to get a personnal photo

    For a single photo: can you leave only the 3rd person (purple swimsuit). And if you get there, remove the 2 electric wires which certainly have charm but spoil the photo :( Ps thank you in advance Good luck
  3. H

    Paid Cut out person

    Hey, got this picture that i would like to use as a profile picture for social medias. My wish is to edit my friend out of the picture because he did not approve of the picture. PM if ur interested in this job
  4. A

    Specific Removing a person

    Can someone please remove the woman in the white shirt right next to the smiling subject? Thank you in advance!
  5. M

    Specific Pimple

    Hey! This is my girlfriend. That's a pimple right above her lips. Can you please remove it? Thanks
  6. L

    Specific Help Remove Boy In Photo

    Hi there. Sorry for the burden but can someone please take this boy and his belongings out of my child’s group photo? The one in the center. Thank you all so much.
  7. E

    Can someone edit out the person on the left and replace him with a mattress please?

    As per the title. Thank you.
  8. M

    Photoshop request - matching colors with the background

    Hey! Can someone help me to adjust a bit the colors of the picture that the person would match better with the background?
  9. J

    Trying to remove background from an image

    I am trying to remove the background from an image. I have tried using the quick selection tool, the magic wand tool, the magnetic lasso tool. Alas, it's not going well. It seems that I can not get the image of the person fully selected. The tools seem too sensitive. When I use the magnetic...
  10. S

    Please could someone help me by removing the girl from this photo

    Please could someone remove the girl from this photo, happy for you to crop it further if need be as wish to use as a profile picture. Many thanks for any help you can give.
  11. D

    Please help!

    Could someone please photoshop the jet-border in front of the fountain keeping both images clear and the person the same size as in the original? Thanks so much in advance!
  12. B

    The art of nothingness: how to remove a person?

    Hello fellow Photoshoppers :cheesygrin: I have undertaken a bit of a quest trying to remove a person from a group photo. I've come as far as using the Clone Stamp but I got stuck at this stage and am not sure how to continue. This is the original picture, I'd like to remove the girl on the...
  13. C

    Photoshop request

    Can someone photoshop out the cigarette in the person on the lefts hand please
  14. H

    Remove Person

    I need help removing the guy in the nasa hat behind us. Thanks a lot!
  15. K

    I need an edit of this picture of my grandfather´s family

    Hey guys, my grandfather`s birthday is around the corner and therefore I want to give him three "portraits" of his parents and a close relative as a present. Unfortunately I just have one picture of them so could you please make some sort of "portrait" of each person? This is the original...
  16. M

    Adding a person to another photo

    I need help adding the woman in the middle of the three girls to the picture of me on the bike but her being behind me (not on the bike behind me). Please and thank you so much.
  17. U

    What's the best way to transform a photo into a simple cartoon/clipart?

    I want to create images like this from a portrait of a person. It doesn't have to look too realistic and the person has a very unique appeareance. Examples:
  18. J

    Portrait image to line drawing

    Hello all. Hopefully I can get a bit of advice from you all. I have tried to search your forums to see if I could find a solution, but to no avail. The past couple of years I’ve tried numerous times to convert an image of a person to line drawing in order to engrave it or cut it on my CNC, so...
  19. B

    Please help me turn the gavel into a jail cell

    Is it possible to turn this gavel(the head bit) into a prison cell. Im making a poster for a human rights charity organisation and want to show the irony of how some people do not have fair trials even in court. So i would like to make the gavel into a gavel cage (if that makes sense). And have...
  20. U

    Remove last guy from picture

    Hello all. I was wondering can anybody please remove the last person in the selfi? the one who is talking on phone.