1. A

    Hi can someone help remove a person from the photo?

    Hi can someone remove the girl on the left from this photo? thanks.
  2. D

    window effect

    If I wanted to place a photo of a person in one of the windows and make it look like the person is actually behind the window (outside of the room) and not just pasted onto the photo, is there a way that can be done to make it look as realistic as possible?
  3. Paul

    Who am I?

    Four famous faces mashed into one you decide what bits from what famous person. :mrgreen:
  4. T

    Add and/or replace a person in an image

    Hi guys! I've been wondering for some days now :banghead:, how did the guy below: Successfully and realistically photoshop himself into the picture below: I am interested in the technique and/or process. Did he dress in a suit, use a green background like they do in the movies and get the...
  5. N

    Need help analysis screenshot

    Dear brothers Yesterday was so sad, in my place had an car accident, 2 adult and 1 child death, because of a lunatic person drive car. We know that have 2 person in that car, they alight and leave after threat everyone around scene. Some witness saw the driver is a girl. But after 6 hours...
  6. C

    Need to update Logo ....

    ADMIN EDIT ..... Formerly an identify font request, our visitor has decided to hire the services of our freelance designers. His thread was moved here. Please read his job specifications here and additional info text font info here . As per his job order, he needs an update of this logo...
  7. C

    Lookng for PS Master for this padawan

    Hello, I am searching for a master PS user to teach me the ins and outs of using the program. i would not like any person to do this job for i ask the assistance of someone with the patience and time to teach me to become as masterful as they are. i in the future look to becoming a master of PS...
  8. B

    please can someone help me remove the person in the background?

    Hi all, Please can someone help me remove the person in the background, I am trying to keep the wall consistent in the background, which I'm finding quite difficult, please can anyone help me at all? Thanks
  9. D

    How to create this effect in Photoshop?

    I want to re-create this image with my own image. How do I get the dark/shadow-type effect on the person?
  10. B

    Simple Photo Background Edit Help

    Hi, can someone please help me remove the person for the background of the image, the bald guy lol. thanks
  11. B

    Image Editing Help- Removing person from background with Photoshop

    Hi, sorry to bother again. Please can I have some help removing the person behind me in the picture? I am located on the right hand side and have also managed to cut my chin off. I have tried editing the image but have had some difficulty. I would appreciate the help, thanks. P.S. I would like...
  12. J

    how can i make a person holding a subject an look realistic?

    how can i make a person holding a subject an look realistic? i try to google there no video to such tutorial anyone can guide me ?
  13. J

    Free image editing request

    Hello All, I have read GUIDELINES FOR FREE IMAGE EDITING REQUESTS ( Please could you edit the person out of this background: Many thanks, Jamie
  14. D

    perspective views

    If a photo has no real background (like a beach, city, or field) and is just a solid color or studio wall, is there a rule for using perspective to make one person appear closer or farther away than another person? Can I just use the guide tools to go as close to the center as possible and use...
  15. K

    After Effects removing character from background

    Hi I wonder how to remove person, for instance from and then replace him/her with other person dancing same song on green screen to look good. How to O.o also I quess lighting effects-good settings of it would be...
  16. S


    I'm still getting my feet wet with Photoshop. I own PS CS6. When I bought it, I thought for sure I would have time to learn it better but time was not on my side. I do have a need to try to figure something out so I hope it is ok to ask here. First the image: The person who did the above...
  17. M

    Help! Can someone help me remove a person from my sky dive picture?

    Hi All, Can someone help me remove a person from my sky dive picture so its looks like its just me? There is the issue with the rope so hopefully it can be extended. Have been trying to do it via Photoshop buts its driving me crazy. I know there are some whizz on this forum who might be able to...
  18. I

    Remove background

    I would like the girl removed from the back if anyone is nice enough to do it for me please? :)
  19. A

    Is this okay for a beginner/what else can I do to it?

    So, I took this image off of Facebook: And took this photo of my friend: and I made this out of it: How did I do? is there anything else that I could/should do?
  20. T

    Video Tutorial: Removing a Person (Without Getting in Trouble with the Law)

    This is a Photoshop Video Tutorial on how to remove an unwanted person/object from photographs. It replaces them with the background of the photo which will seamlessly blend into the photograph and make it appear as though they were never there. Link to Video:-...