1. A

    Need to remove a person from a picture

    Hi, I'm not good with photoshop so I need help. I have this picture of a guy and a girl and I need the girl removed from the pic. If anybody can help please pm me ill send you the pic. Thank you.
  2. JustThisGood

    Adding a motion trail to a person in a Photo!

    Hey PSG, hope you enjoy this tutorial.
  3. T

    add a person to a photo

    ok after playing with this for a few days i am frustrated i can't get the 2nd person added to look like it belongs in the first photo....please advice what to do.....
  4. P

    Importing a person to be partly hidden and partly visible behind a tree

    Hello all, i have an image of a tree or shrub in Photoshop, and I would like to open an image of a person and import it into the tree image. The person would be behind the tree, so that some of the person would be visible where there are no leaves or branches, but some of the person would be...
  5. S

    help remove a person from a photo

    i have photo i would like to use but there is a person id like taken out can anyone help please :)