photoshop request

  1. M

    Specific Remove nose piercings please?

    Would someone be able to remove my nose piercings please? (stud & septum) I am in the process to create a LinkedIn profile, and silly me did not remove my piercings beforehand :( Would someone be able to do that for me please? Thanks! (I tried to do it myself but I am still super new to...
  2. P

    Specific Add a background

    Can you add some aesthetic background on this image? Like van gogh's Starry night? You can remove the tree if u want
  3. J

    Specific Photoshop my moms bf out please

    Hello, this night ended horribly with my moms bf having an anger outburst with the waitress and my mom broke up with him on the spot. I don’t have many photos with my mom which is why I want to see if anyone can help photoshop her ex bf out (he’s wearing a hat). I will be forever grateful.
  4. M

    Paid Can someone out my friend in hospital bed for his memorial. $10

    Preferably with oxygen mask. (No problem if can't be done) Its for his memorial and I lost the only picture of it. Would help out a lot if can get done. Offering 10$
  5. C

    Specific combine images

    Hello, can someone combine these 2 images and make it looks like voldemort is casting music notes ty
  6. J

    Specific Remove and replace persons in photo.

    I had the picture just like this but I deleted it by accident and my cloud is gone please, can you remove the 2 left people and replace them with Mark Hoppus and Tom Delonge?
  7. Z

    Specific [Easy/Medium Photoshop Request] Place a piece of paper on her hand

    Hi, so my friend is a big fan of a popular girl group especially this one girl (Jun), so a surprise I want the girl to hold a piece of paper with her name on it, so that it looks like she really send her a picture just for her! This would be the best gift and best surprise for her^^ I thank...
  8. D

    Paid PAY £10 ! Medium Skill, easy reward.

    Hi, I need to bascially edit my photos so they look very natural leaning on a wooden table. The ingredients shoult have a shadow for more authencity. I have a photo marked example. The ingredients with a white background need to be fairly big so they can be seen easlilly. Thank you !
  9. C

    Photoshop request

    Hello is anyone out there able to photoshop the can out this persons hand for me please? Thank you
  10. B

    A little New Years Eve Poster

    Sketch : Owning a Scottish Pub and I'd really appreciate some help. So if someone could please make a black background or a blackboard one like this [But its not a must] also with the nice ribbon like in the photo but please make the colour like this [ scottish kilt ] Put like a nice...
  11. D

    Please help me train my dragon!

    Hi all Bit of a weird one for you. Please use the dragon as background and incorporate the other four images into it. if possible, place the woman with the pearls on her neck closest to the dragon. I want to get the finished product printed on a set of pillowcases to gift my boss on her...
  12. A

    Urgent Photoshop request Please :)

    Hiya, I need to remove the white background from my logo - is anyone able to help please? Thank you :thumbsup: Also having a bit of a nightmare trying to upload the image in JPEG/PNG file as the uploader states that it is not within the correct dimensions. I am not computer savvy so if anyone...
  13. 6

    Photoshop Request to Make Picture More "Professional"

    Could someone photoshop either of these images to look more professional? I'd like there to be no headphones visible, a more plain background, and the shirt to be just plain black or white. I have two image options in case the one with the hand is too difficult to photoshop. Thank you so so...
  14. D

    Photoshop Request - Mjolnir

    Hi guys, so I have a request If someone would be so kind to take it up! I have an Image that I need photoshopped, I need the inside detailing of the second Imagine to replace the detailing of the first. I hope that makes sense!
  15. D

    A very simple request { Please help }

    Hi.. well, I will be short. can you help me by adding some effects on one of these photos? I don't wanna make something sophisticated, but 2-3 effects, or in the background smth.. would be very good..
  16. J

    Photoshop Request

    Hello, Would anyone be willing to do photoshop this for me? Please and thank you. I need the top photo's roundhouse, tree line and sky incorporated into the bottom photo. I will post the photobucket link as...
  17. W

    Photoshop noob/ request

    hey guys i'm a total photoshop noob and hardly even know hot work a pc let alone photoshop but i have this request i need the logo in the center in the following picture removed without damaging the background. This is reaaaaallly important for me! can somebody please help me with it...
  18. S

    Request: Can anybody please restore my Late-Grand-Father's photo?

    Hello guy's. Can anyone please restore and colorize my late Grand-Father's Photo? This is the only photo our family has of him. I want to gift this photo to my father on his birthday. I will also add that i have never met my Grand-Father because he passed away before i was born. He passed away...
  19. D

    PhotoShop Request

    Can Someone Make This Picture Very Funny ,maybe Change the background or anything. Thank You :D
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    PhotoShop Request

    Can Someone Make this picture , me staring at some kind of ghost or monster . Thank You :D