1. O

    Terminating pixelated gradient stripes

    Hello, I have downloaded a file from Adobe Stock, which at first glance seemed okay, but when I started tuning the colors with the color/vibrance adjustment layer I saw that the photo has a lot of annoying pixelated stripes in the gradients of the background. (I also turned down the brightness...
  2. DeJaynes

    Help! Pixelation due to layer effect

    I'm having problems getting rid of some pixilation that's being caused by the layer effects. If I flatten the image I can use the smudge or blur tool but that would be a pain. Any suggestions?
  3. E

    Weird Pixelated Lines When Zoomed In or Out.

    I have no clue why this is happening. I can't seem to find help anywhere else. I'm fairly new to Photoshop and Paintool Sai never did this. My settings for the file are at 2000x2000 at 300 Pixels/Inch. This problem happens no matter the size though. My guess is a graphics problem. I have a...
  4. A

    Specific Read license number plate, someone hit my car

    Someone hit my car and i have cctv but the number plate is blurry can someone pretty please use their awesome photoshop skills to unblurry it to their best of abilities? Please read the licence number plate of the black Mitsubishi Ute that reversed onto my black mazda... They made a verrryyy...
  5. W

    How do I make an image less pixelated?

    Hi there. I'm trying to put this image on my website covering half the screen but its really pixelated. I boosted the size to 1500x1000 and used the spot heal brush tool for a bit but it still looks really pixelated. Any ideas? The image is going to be like 20 times bigger than this on the...
  6. E

    Please help me smoothen this :(

    I just got a new phone and the screen is HD so when I try to set this as my background its just so pixelated, any chance a genius could make it a bit better? Love!!
  7. S

    Smoothing pixelated stuffff

    Hello! Please see attached photo. Is there a way to smooth those edges out around the lettering?
  8. A

    Quick selection quircks

    I have PS Elements 13 I used "quick select" to remove the sky in this image, but got a not so perfect result. The issue is that the ground seems pixelated after I removed the sky. How can I make the ground smooth? I know how to do it after removing the sky but I can't use that because the...
  9. D

    How to create a "pixelated" gradient

    Hello! I'm looking for a tutorial on how to create a gradient background image similar to the attached image. It's not exactly pixelated, but I'm not sure what else to call it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Z

    Pixelated Texts in Photoshop - Help?

    I tried to search for any similar threads before posting my question but found none. My problem is that when I add some text in my image in my photoshop then upon saving the image, the text becomes pixelated. It shows poor quality of image that I make. :banghead: I tried all the fonts but none...
  11. I

    Is there a way to fix and enlarge pixelated outline

    Hi guys, I found an old drawing on my hard disk, and I want to use it for a project. The problem is that image is with small resolution and when I zoom it it is pixelated. It is simple line drawing with no colors. Is there a way to scale it without loosing quality. I tried to trace it with...
  12. M

    Pixelated Edge Help

    How do you make a pixelated effect like this? I find it absolutely amazing how it tapers and flows. Reminds me of music visualizations and I'd love to be able to learn how to make it.
  13. C

    Please help me smooth out pixelated text!

    When adding text to photos, the edges of the letters are pixelated. (I have Photoshop Elements 13) This is a recent problem... in the past it worked just fine. I've looked at several tutorials and they all show a different version of elements/screen. They say to make sure "anti-alias" is off...
  14. Z1000

    Pixelated text in photoshop?

    Is it possible that font in photoshop is more pixelated or blurry than on website even if I use anti aliasing?
  15. B

    Figuring out what i did.

    About six years ago i made a small pixel image, enlarged it quite a bit and applied one or more filters in Photoshop to make it look cool.Now i want to make a similar effect on a different picture, however i am unable to find what i did to achieve this effect.Does anyone have a clue of what it...
  16. M

    Everything in Photoshop CS6 gets pixelated

    I have a problem with photoshop. Everything I do gets pixelated. When I paste or place an object from Illustrator CS6 I choose place as smart object and as soon as I pace it it gets pixelated. I have tried with and without the anti-aliased box checked. When the box is checked photoshop...
  17. C

    Why is my stroke pixelated ?

    I have a problem with stroke in PS CS6. (2) When I use stroke on my curve line it looks pixelated and I don't know why ? (1) I did same line before and everything was clean and not pixelated. Here is the zoomed version second one is broken definitely. The problem is only with stroke. It...
  18. R

    Pixelated images

    I recently upgraded my hard drive and RAM. Now, when I open a photo in photoshop it looks extremely pixelated. If I make the image larger or smaller while in PS5 it looks normal. It also looks normal in CSbridge. Is there something that I missed when I upgraded? IT's extremely frustrating to try...
  19. Z

    Pixelate an image?

    Hi guys, Me and my girlfriend are moving in together soon. And I want to give her the key to our house in a romantic way. I'll attach the key to this print. But I want the keys in the picture to be pixelated, to fit in more with the 8-bit background. Is there any way to do this? Thanks guys!
  20. xanther

    how do you create this dithered pixel effect?

    hey guys really need to figure out how these dudes created this image... firstly was it done in pshop? if so with what techniques? i tried using indexed colour in the image>mode, with palette>uniform, dither>pattern but still didnt get the high quality that these guys got. i tried saving as a...