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  1. K

    Paid Place dog in oil painting for Christmas

    Hello everybody, My name is Karel from the Netherlands. I would like to give my mother in law the perfect christmas presents. She has three dogs, and i know that she would love to have her dogs 'painted' in a funny way, an old painting of a general or something but the face replaced with the...
  2. K

    Specific In desperate need to impress mother in law!! Please help!!

    Hello everybody, My name is Karel from the Netherlands. I'm a beginner in Photoshop with an old macbook and CS5 (no oil paint filter ) in desperate need of your advanced skills and kindness. I would like to impress my mother in law by giving her the perfect christmas presents. She has three...
  3. A

    [help]How to make my picture into same tone like this one?

    Hi guys.. can you help me with this problem? I have picture that i want to make that pic into wedding theme *gloomy. But I cant make that foto like these two (2 pic on the butom) This is my photo ----> Photo that i want -> I need some tutorial/ tips to change my picture into greate one...
  4. H

    Her to Hailey/handwritten

    I would love if someone could make these say "Hailey's love" instead of "her". Please. Valentine's present for my husband. Thank you <3
  5. Eggy

    Lakeside Fishing

    This is what I will do when spring is back... Started with two base images the characters, some pixelsquid stuff and brushes to get Please do comment. (And by any means do present some of your work too...)
  6. M

    Adding a person to another photo

    I need help adding the woman in the middle of the three girls to the picture of me on the bike but her being behind me (not on the bike behind me). Please and thank you so much.
  7. E

    Please HELP! Birthday present SOS

    Hi! Ive tried turning an image into pop art using the posterize tool, but when I do it the face of the girl looks very dark and her facial expression does not resemble the one in the original picture. Here's the original and the one that I did. Could someone help me make her face more clear...
  8. K

    christmas gift for my partner

    Hello, I am hoping that some of you lovely people will have some time to help me with perfecting some photos and making some changes to the senery as they're all currently on a blanket and some could do with fixing. As a bit of context, we have 11 guinea pigs and I would like to make a...
  9. chrisdesign

    3D I-CUBE My Personal Little Helper

    Again a BLENDER job, where I learned to do proper insets, splits and cuts without damaging the mesh. On my last job I didn't care so much about a clean mesh, which resulted in a file with 220 mb. The file weight of the present job is only 5.2 mb. I'm open for critique, and your comments are...
  10. M

    Popups on opening file in CS6 created in earlier version

    Hi All I am getting the following pop-ups when opening these files in Photoshop CS6 (the font files are in place). The files were created in an earlier version of Photoshop. Same again on the business card, I have noticed all the text layers have the warning style icon on them in the layers...
  11. C

    Present for the end of university

    Hey guys my girlfriend graduates soon - and I want to do a great present for her. He is talking every day about this pillow and i dont find a cloth looking almost/exactly the same... So - i found a website where i can print pillows with an image... But im not able to do such a...
  12. A

    Need help please, present for girlfriend.

    I need some help making a present for my girlfriend, she loves Gears of War so I wanted my face put on the guys face below and the number 3 removed. The reason I need help is because I cant do it, I'm not that good with photoshop. I tried to get the similar lighting and look with the picture I...
  13. chrisdesign

    3D 3D Fantasy Items

    This image was created by modifying objects from my last image. In a new arrangement, I present this "piece of art".
  14. Z

    M24 Sniper Rifle Model

    So I recently tasked myself with making an M24 for a group I work with. I wanted to expand my horizons out a bit, I'm so used to organic modelling that I wanted to dive into something slightly out of my depth. so I present to you my second weapon project: high poly- no texture(bipod is...
  15. O

    [Request] Please help me with a christmas present I'm putting together