1. H

    Lightroom user transferring to Photoshop

    Hi PS community, I've been using LR for my entire automotive photographing career so far. Always thought that LR was the go to editing program because it was just easier but after seeing another pro photographer's results from using PS only, I was absolutely mindblown. He advised me to switch...
  2. T

    a simple hello

    Just a quick hi from me all the way from bonnie scotland!!!!
  3. B

    Hello all...from Ventura, California!

    Just a quick hello from another FNG. Happy to be here.
  4. U

    Reduction of haze in landscape images

    Hi - I took a photo of a very large expanse of land but the resultant image has a strong colour cast which I cant seem to improve to look natural . It also lacks contrast and is nothing like how the scene looked to the naked eye. Is there any quick way of fixing these isues in PS CC...
  5. gedstar

    Before and After

    Just a quick edit Before After
  6. S

    Looking For Quick Tutorial

    Hey guys, I am pretty new to Photoshop and I need to know how to make my logo look similar to the pictures I have attached. I basically want to make it look the same, except with my own logo instead of "Marpple." It's a pretty simple design, but I don't know why I can't figure it out. If...
  7. P

    Photoshop's Magic Wand Tool or Quick Select Tool

    Hi, what's better when trying to make a selection in Photoshop, Magic Wand or Quick Select. MrTom gave me some help with Quick Select but I was wondering what the difference was. Does one do a better job at somethings than the other? Thanks
  8. P

    Photoshop Quick Selection Tool help please.

    I'm new to Photoshop and I'm trying to figure out how to best use Photoshop's Quick Selection tool. I've watched some videos and I'm not having the kind of success I see in the videos. Sometimes it selects to much sometimes not enough, sometimes totally unpredictable results. Thanks
  9. C

    Need help with twisting/distorting picture.

    Im looking for some quick help with twisting the image. I tried to warp the picture on my own but it did not workout at all. If you could help that would be great.
  10. P

    does the "Quick selection tool" behaves randomly?

    hello, does the "Quick selection tool" behaves randomly? has it formula specified?? Can I dope this behavior before pressing the mouse?? Please see below: thank you.
  11. P

    I want to cut a part from an image with Quick selection tools

    hello, I want to cut a part from an image with Quick selection tools. how? for example, when I use Quick selection tools in part from the image, how do I cut the selected area from image? also I do not want after cutting, I see the area white, I want also the white space wiped put. and instead...
  12. S

    Quick Selection Tool

    Hi, I was using the quick selection tool to wrap the marching ants around a building to swap the background, but as I worked the ants around the building they would scatter everywhere into every nook and sometimes jump an inch or so either in our out. I really could not control them. Can someone...
  13. A

    Need 3 Quick Bird's Eye View Pirate Ships :)

    I'm currently working on a video game project in class and can't seem to find a decent clipart of pirate ships to use. I need three different sized ships from a bird's eye view, similar to the picture below...
  14. R

    Creative Cloud

    Hey all quick question I'm hope to get some resolve to. Anyone in here familiar with Adobe Creative Cloud? I recently switched over for CS6. My problem is after downloading it to both my macbook and iMac it doesn't appear to be the same account when I log in. My iMac says I'm on a 30 day trail...
  15. inkpad.t

    The Deer's Watering Hole

    The Deer's Watering Hole.... quick manip seeing as I haven't done one in a while. No shadowing done yet properly...just did it quick.
  16. S

    photoshop color match question

    So I'm trying to get the black on this hood, to match the rest of the car. I'm not very skilled with photoshop but I did a ton of things on it already just can't do color stuff. Would someone mind matching the colors for me real quick? I would greatly appreciate it!!
  17. P

    Copy and Paste changes the color?

    This one was too hard to describe by text, so I made a quick video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-XT3mBJccc Any input is appreciated.
  18. F

    quick retouch

    Friend asked if I could make her arm thinner. As it is just for a snapshot, I did a quick try. Is it any good? How to improve?
  19. D

    Please help photoshop

    Hi! Do u people think u can photoshop this little guy to orange and yellow? Please dont make it to cheesey lol. thx! :)
  20. Z

    (quick) FFXIII Snow

    this was meant to be a quick warm up for the PC but ended up being a small project. What do you think?