1. Paul


    This was in our games room last night, after seeing the other lizard thing we have had a good day of creature contact, cool or what. This bugger moved so fast, but if you clap your hands it just stood still, move towards it and off it went, anyone know what this is also please?
  2. E

    Quick Mask not working CS4

    My quick mask mode was working until a few weeks ago. I click on quick mask to cut out a section of a photo, then I use the brush tool. I cut out the section, I de-select the mask tool and then i make a new layer copy of that section. but everytime I do this, it seems to look transparent; like...
  3. S

    [Request] Photoshop - Just a quick one (hopefully!)

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone could put a head on a body? I need one of these heads, to be in the background below and replace the other head in the photo. The final image doesn't need to be very big, minimum 5cm x 5cm Please try make it as realistic as possible! You can use either...
  4. B

    Quick Mask Feature Stopped working

    On CS4 when I click the Quick Mask button it indicates that it's on but will not paint what I'm trying to mask. I tried opening PS with shift+ctrl+alt to reset preferences but do not get the question to return to default. I'm using it on Vista. It worked fine a day ago.
  5. K

    What is a quick mask layer?

    What exactly is a quick mask layer and what is it used for? I've used adjustments layers but get stumped with the purpose of the quick mask layer? I'm working with elements 9.
  6. D

    Using Refine Edge with Quick Selection

    I'm not sure what's going on over at the Adobe Photoshop forum, but I've tried three different browsers and I can't get the Create/reply buttons after I log in. So, since life's too short to put up with whatever they're doing, I'll try here... Here's the long version: I do a quick selection...
  7. chrisatlemon

    quick question - combining anchor points

    hi all, Probably a stupid question: how can I combine two anchor points which form part of a shape? I know I can drag a marquee around the two points with the direct selection tool. Then, according to the help file, an icon should appear which I can simply click to combine the two anchor...
  8. S

    Quick Question - Find background colour of image?

    Hi guys, Its been years since I've used Photoshop, and I'm just trying out the Photoshop CS5 atm (a lot different from the simple PS7 that I was used to!) I've got an image that I want to find the background colour for, as I want to fill it to other images. I remember on the old versions if...
  9. S

    Urgent Help Needed RE: Quick Selection/Magic Wand Tool??

    Hi, I’m wondering if anyone can help with my query below, I understand it may be difficult to explain but I will try… I have a rectangle in the middle of a page with a centre line on a piece of paper, the paper has no background. The rectangle has two halves to it that can both be detected by a...
  10. P

    Quick and easy photoshop job!!

    I got a quick an easy photo shop job for a qualified person. I need 5 images placed on a background of a certain size. It is extremely easy. I need done ASAP!! If interested please message me!
  11. Hoogle

    creating a quick vintage / lomo effect

    hope this helps some of you
  12. Hoogle

    quick video tutorial on how to make a vignette

    here are 2 quick tutorials for beginners on how to create vignettes in photoshop watch in HD this 1 is without a preset brush and is quickest method
  13. P

    The ‘Quick Selection’ Tool in Photoshop

    The quick selection tool is an excellent tool introduced in Photoshop CS3 and improved in CS5. With this tool, you can almost achieve the best results. You may have to do a little bit of tweaking using the Edge command within the Photoshop. You cannot become a Photoshop warrior without first...
  14. J

    Quick question

    Is there any way to lock a certain color in so that no matter what you do, pixels of that color won't be affected, sort of like the lock transparency option in the layers palette?
  15. Carson

    A quick before and after of a scanned schedule at school

    Before After P.S. Sorry for the sloppy presentation, it is just a quick post.
  16. X

    Need a quick easy edit, paying $5

    Just need someone to cut out a persons face on a picture, not cropping anything but the person, and pasting it infront of a picture of the american flag, so that the person would look a bit like a president :P file size goes over site limit, so post if your interested and ill email you the...
  17. M

    Need quick photoshop done in the next 4 hours

    Hi, I'm looking for someone to modify an image and make it look a little bit realistic.. very minor help.. In short, i have an image of a bag- see attached, i need to put speakers and solar panels on it. BUT I NEED REPLIES URGENTLY thanks
  18. Carson

    Quick Before and After

    Here is a quick Before and After I did. Feedback please. Before After
  19. K

    A Quick Request?

    I am not sure if there is a forum for this or if this would be the correct one, if not I apologize. Anyways, I didn't know another place to go aside from the genius minds that reside here, so hopefully you guys can come through! I started up a YMCA basketball league that begins in about 2½...