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  1. Eggy

    3D Blender - Matchbox

    An exercise in real things
  2. MariaT

    This site looks amazing!

    Hi, just found this site and I have to say it looks amazing! I've always tried photo editing tools but just never seem to have the skills for it :neutral: Some of the skills you guys have are a real talent, wow! :thumbsup:
  3. A


    I start another one and this time i wanna do it a real challenge... but i think with this one i bite more than i can chew :biglaff: . Cheers!
  4. O

    Need Help for shadow ad gloss

    Hy everyone i need tutorials how to make gas tank like this, Mod Edit link not working Actually first i use pen tool than i use blending option but its doesn't come real. An than i use brush than i decrease the opacity it came same. And ths what i have done with that
  5. S

    Opinion On Photo And Date Stamp Manipulation

    Hello. I am currently trying to prove some photos were manipulated, and a fake Date/Time Stamp was inserted into a series of Photos. Attached are some of the photos that were submitted with date stamps. By looking at these photos, you can clearly see the Date Stamps are not real, but I need...
  6. R

    Real Estate photo Editing

    I have gotten so busy in my real estate photography business I can't keep up with the work. I am always working late Sunday night trying to finish the previous week. I either need to turn down assignments or out source some editing. I am looking for someone that can duplicate my workflow, even...
  7. Pipsmom

    Mask issue

    :banghead: I noticed a annoying problem the past few days when painting black over my mask to reveal ....but before I finish the whole area, the first section I started in begins to slowly turn back opaque leaving a faint hue...I rework the mask by painting it again real fast before it happens...
  8. M

    Splash water critique/advice

    Hey guys I don't really do much Photoshopping much anymore, but yesterday a mate suggested (jokingly) that I photoshop a monster or something into one of my photos, so I spent a couple of hours on it and came up with this. I think it looks alright, but any advice on making it look more real...
  9. R

    Please make this photo look real

    This is my friend who said he would like to have a photo next to a lion so I tried to make a one for him but that's the best I could do can you plesy make it look real
  10. S

    A gift for my wife

    Hi guys I have a drawing made by my son, and I want it made real. The rabbit (yes it's a rabbit:-) ) should keep its shape, but be covered with white fur, so it looks like a real rabbit, but with the funny shape it has on the drawing. If possible, I would like the background to be a green...
  11. R

    Can someone please change the background of my photo

    Can someone change the background of my photo so it seems real, thanks!
  12. C

    Help including my dog.

    We wanted to make a personal christmas card to send to relatives. I was wondering if someone could help me include my dog in the picture? I started to do it but didn't look any real at all. Thanks in advance!
  13. H

    Edited photo

    Just tried my first 'real' photoshop :) Any feedback?
  14. A

    Copyright question

    If you would get falsely accused of Copyright Infringement, How would you proove to anyone that it is your work, your design, when it's a work made in photoshop or any other design program? When it's a real photography it's fairly easy to show you are the copyright owner. Just by having the...
  15. K

    Removing fence from photo

    Hello! I have photoshop but am very new to it. I attempted to remove the fence from this photo, but had a very tough time making the shadows and the elephants feet look real (with toenails and all) after removing it. Would someone be willing to give it a try? Thanks so much! :)
  16. R

    Can someone help add a smile to a pic real fast?

    I need it real quick, I'd appreciate it!
  17. J

    Need help editing this image

    I just need a little help with this image. My nephew caught his first fish and it was pretty big! The only problem is, is that the image makes the fish look much fore smaller than in real life. If you could please just make this fish look a little bigger, but not TOO big. Also please remove the...
  18. G

    heartfelt request

    My niece passed away she was a still born, we are exploring options for her tombstone by our friend to make in the real he is a very good mason, I would like a concept made off this. Elements I request The name on the stone be changed to scarlet fey Jackson If possible some real world roses...
  19. Paul

    Making hair POP or give realistic colour change

    Great tut you can work on in real time.
  20. M

    Embossed / Perspective help

    Hello, I am trying to achieve the look below but having a hard time getting the realistic effect. Is this done in PS? Does anyone know any tutorials for getting the perspective look as well as the real feel? I'm thinking it's a gradient layer within the emboss... Any links to tutorials would...