1. P

    3D 3d texture resolution-size limit 1024 in 3d display

    Even I create a texture with 4096 this is automatically converted to 1024 in the 3d display window. When I paint in the 2d layer I can see real time the 3d updates with lower resolution. Is there any way to match both resolutions?
  2. C

    Hello PSG's! (from a total novice!)

    As a total newbie to Photoshop, I am so pleased to have discovered this forum. I am a mum, living in Abu Dhabi, but originally from Wales in the UK. I'm looking for an extra income through crafting, but in order to do that, there is a certain need to be able to edit and customize images. I...
  3. K


    Name is Kagehi. Well, not my real name, but if you wanted that badly to find it, I am sure this name would link back to the real one. lol Few years back I ended up with a copy of Photoshop. Before that I used Paintshop Pro. Still getting used to some of the differences, but using it a lot more...
  4. Skyes

    Please, I need help on a new Comic Book project where I use real photos to draw

    Hello everyone. It's been a while. How are you guys? Well, I am starting this new comic book/manga story. I use real pictures to draw over them and add effects on them, like this: (I used Ian Somenhaulder as a model to one of my characters) I have many more examples made, like these: As you...
  5. F

    real or not?

    I think photoshop, how about you guys??
  6. R

    How do you overlay images like this.

    I've tried doing this before using the magic select tool but it came out really tacky and unclean. How would I go about doing it like this, properly w/shadowing etc lightening changes to make it look real. I've got the examples of what I'm looking for. Thank you.
  7. F

    Retouch images or fake?

    Hi guys, i really need all the help i can get - I’m really confused. i have a customer who i take professional pictures for his jewelry. the customer insist that i will deliver the same quality as the pictures shown below. i keep telling him that those images a not real, meaning they were...
  8. I

    Ring on a finger

    Hello! Can someone make me one photo from 2? I need to put a ring on a finger and i really don't know how. And i want it to look very real. I need the ring from the photo on the middle finger of her hand. Can help me? I really need your help
  9. F

    Confusing Images, I cannot tell if they're real or not

    Hello! I am new to this forum and signed up for the specific purpose to get expert advice. I am doing research on a project and was wondering if anyone can tell me if these two images can possibly be manipulated images. I used to work with Photoshop, but it's been over 10 years now. I know the...
  10. BobTheWizzard

    You shall not... PASS!!!

    That's what a real wizard should say. Name : Bob Age : the beginning of a mature human being, 22. Occupation : Shelf-Employed, aka : freelancer, aka : too lazy to get a real job. Mah skillz... Photoshop (intermediate), CSS / HTML, Been working with bootstrap, in php, management, advertising...
  11. ChrisHPZ

    Not a real site, just something I messed with over the last few days Part 2

    First off let me thank everyone who posted their screenshots of what I put together in part 1 of this post. Narrowed the causes of the problems down and it was the CSS and the use of percentages for div widths that was causing the issues. Redid the CSS using pixel based width's, checked it in...
  12. ChrisHPZ

    Not a real site, just something I messed with over the last few days

    Like the title says, this isn't a real site or anything like that. But lately I've been watching a lot of eco-friendly programs and such so I got the idea to do a "green" typ website. More than anything, I was just messing around with jQuery and different layouts I haven't done before. On the...
  13. R

    Does this graffiti look real?

    Hello I'm wondering if this looks real please tell me what you think and what I can fix on it. Thanks
  14. iDad

    Blur .is this real?

    OMG MAX 2011 Sneak Peeks - MAX 2011 Sneak Peek - Image Deblurring | Adobe TV
  15. Hoogle

    How to create a real 3d image in photoshop

    I was playing around earlier and came across this and it actually works as long as you have the 3d style glasses the 1s with red film and cyan films. It actually works better if you take the same picture twice but move the camera 2-4 inches to the right between shots but still aiming at same...
  16. S

    Real DOF effect

    I know there are tons of tutorials out there how to create "Depth of field" in photographs but the effect is not really what I want. In all of the tutorials they create two layer and blur one of them, then apply a mask and gradient it to create the effect of dof. This is not what I wan't...
  17. Paul

    Mixing real and drawing

    This one i tried to mix a drawing with a real image.
  18. J

    Which photo look more real?

    To begin, I am new to photoshop and I am trying to add my face on a existing background. I was wondering which one look more real? The difference between the two pictures is the tone of my skin. In case you're wondering why the pictures are so small, it is because I want to use em as my...
  19. D

    Photo -->Photoshop-->Painting (Cool)

    The first time I seen this, I thought it was fake. Then I thought this was really cool and really interesting. To give credit: i found it on How to Make a Photo Look Like a Painting | Anyways, the second time I tried it, I make my house into a painting. You make multiple layers of...