Blur .is this real?

I am worried though with all the sneak peaks of the next version if it they all come with the next version then it could be new hardware upgrades as they will be pushing your computer to the limits so it seems. Unless you have latest spec that is
Well looks like it will be an April 2012 release with the amount of stuff they are releasing in the way of previews rather than the later option of Next October. However not seen much as in the way of other Adobe products for the suite editions maybe they will come out later
Here in image format :

But i believe that it will work with RAW files or something. And it's not debluring for my eye. It's shaking hand correction. I absolutly don't believe that blured image can be deblured to such quality (only in CSI: Miami).
I guess as long as you know the coding needed it is just an automatic liquify tool but on a bigger scale it tracks the movement that was made then pushes the end part of the movement back to the starting point. It truly is amazing if it works as well as in the demo. I will hang on to some blurred pictures to test it out if when they release the demo.


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i don't think such a thing would need high spec if I'm honest, it just doesn't seem feasible. i can imagine a high ghz dual core processor would be needed though. thank god i unlocked my phenom :p
Yowza, is it real? looks like it. Are we going to end up doing anything by ourselves or will we just sit down and tell Photoshop, match that fleshtone, get rid of that ugly person in the middle, take all the blur out of this photograph and give it a sepia tone with a little color. heh heh heh
I reread what Senior wrote and if in fact it does look like hand shaking in that one img -- though I couldn't tell for sure on the others they fixed -- then it won't be as useful as it seems. But, they may hold back on it awhile if they're still trying to get that improved and, like Steve said, release it at a later date. The Adobe guy mentioned that content aware was developed a couple of years ago and shipped with CS5. How long ago was CS5 released?
Usually April or October for new versions every 2 years But from what it seems they are going to be releasing a product every year from now cs5 2010 cs5.5 2011 cs6 2012 cs6.5 2013. Ok the names are not final I get that but there is going to be a halfway product.
It is also getting scary on how easy things are getting made now Ok a trained photoshopper will always be better than someone using the product and using auto settingsup until cs5 it took a lot of skill to manipulate an image. But now with features like content aware all though it is not usualy as easy as dragging a marquee tool around the area you want to remove it just goes to show that photoshop is getting easier to produce things which in a way is amazing. But now there is a lot more people who can use photoshop because they have made it easier to use and it is not really a market just for the professionals. I also think this is a good thing I am not a professional where I have to use photoshop for my work It is a hobby for me and I love it. But with Youtube people being able to easily download it for free there is not as much call for real photoshop professionals anymore for people out of the industry. And come on you just have to look at the amount of 12-17 year old kids producing work and giving tutorials on youtube it should not be like that. A how has a kid afforded the $900+ to get the software if not an illegal download. Apart from the few whos parents may have it for work related etc. But it is the same for cinema 4d you see tutorials on youtube openly admitting how to get the software all for free and providing links etc.
And then there is the thing about 1 click fixes have you seen the quality of images you can get from 1 click using your iphone and an app 5 years a go that needed someone who knew what they were doing to use photoshop to do that.

Which brings me to my last point, You just have to look at our very own freelance section we have professionals and experienced photoshoppers doing paid work for a matter of a few Dollars 10 years ago If I wanted a logo designing for example and couldnt do it myself I would have to go to an expert and pay anywhere from $200 - $5000 for it to be done. I am sorry but photoshop is rapidly becoming a none specialist market.

But I am Torn primarily because I am not in the industry as such that makes a living from photoshop so the simplicity of using it and the availability of it now does not effect me directly but part of me knows it must be effecting people that have been using it since the original launch of the product.
But Then I am also happy that so many more people have been able to learn photoshop as it is an amazing program and I think it is good that kids are learning it they are the next generation and even some schools are teaching it to kids of 10-16 year olds. So the design industry is always going to have many designers and eventually not enough work to accomodate them all. I think times have changed for the better my mother was a graphic designer and I remember watching her with her huge drawing board working up in her studio at home wishing I could draw like her but these days you do not have to be able to draw to become a graphic designer.
Ok I am just blabbing on tonight must be something in the air. So I will end this rant or 1 sided argument against myself.
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