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  1. B

    Creative Can someone make my eye cry blood

    im try to see what my eyes looking like with cry blood.
  2. L

    Rubik's Cube Mosaic - Complex Request

    Hi there everyone! I am doing Rubik's Cube Mosaics of 720 cubes (24x30 cubes - 72x90px) - You can see one of them here on my channel: I am asking you if you could teach me how can I make the quality of my portraits. I am using an online mosaic creator for my mosaics with little effects like...
  3. D

    Tekken Photoshop

    i really like him and i wanna see how i look if i was like kazuya..Can someone please photoshop me to this image and make it like its real?keep the red eye and the scar on my face please..if you want somethnig from me tell me please..
  4. ZeroCool22

    [Photomanipulation] Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf.

  5. X

    Minnie Mouse red to pink

    Hello everyone! I cannot figure how to get the red to be pink, can someone please help? I?m new to photoshop and can?t quite get it. I need it to be pink to match their birthday theme
  6. P

    Hello, could someone please remove the red car from the picture?(Part 2) Thank you!

    Thank you!
  7. P

    Hello, could someone please remove the red car from the picture? Thank you!

    Thank you very much!
  8. J

    SOS Man needs shirt

    Hey all, I'm wondering if someone can Photoshop out my husband's belly by making his shirt appear longer. Also, I have some serious red eye going on... Could that be fixed too? Thanks for the help!!
  9. M

    red eye request

    Can someone photoshop my eyes to a normal brown colour instead of red? Also, beneath my right eye there's a red spot. It looks like I've been fighting :cheesygrin: Can someone edit this? Optional: the picture is in low quality, if there's a way to make it look better, go ahead Thanks!
  10. K


    Do you guys can edit a gif too? cause I have a request regarding some colour change on .gif file I will leave it here, I want that little effect that it makes from white to red if you can
  11. J

    change the aura to red

    change the dragon from green to red, if possible change the green lights on his body + shoe + shurikens etc to red too. Thanks in advance.
  12. C

    Sun burn

    Hello, could someone please make the persons skin colour on the left softer (get rid of the red sunburnt skin) thank you
  13. K

    Photoshop request!! Y'all are the best

    Can anyone change this towel to a red white and blue towel not just blue and white
  14. X

    Remove red light

    Can someone remove red light from right guy's head without affecting rest of the photo? Thank you in advance!
  15. W

    Question about color

    I feel embarrassed asking this, But I was wondering if there is an easy way to take a specific color (say red) and make a lighter or darker version of that exact color? Is there a "scientific" exact way to do this? So that the color in a piece is all the same red, but just different shades of...
  16. M

    Please change the background

    Please change the red tiles behind with this: And add the perspective of the red tiles to that texture. Thanks!
  17. B

    help adding a child into pic please

    Can someone please put boy in photo alone into the photos with the others next to the boy in the red robe? Thank YOu!
  18. K

    can anyone help

    i have a few thing that need to be done i have a background image that need a canvas and a few buttons to be more like apple buttons but will match background color red stays red green is green i dont like the blue i would like a color that would go well with the background anyone can help (I...
  19. K

    Request color change

    If you can to change the green with red.
  20. P

    Hi! Wondering if someone can help with a picture of myself.

    Hi! I'm wondering if someone would be able to a) make my face look not so sweaty. And b) possibly make my face look not as red. Greatly appreciated to anyone that helps me out!