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  1. N

    Loss of quality - noob here.

    Hi there, I use a template to create banners. These are simple banners to be used on the web. The banners are two main colors on-top of a product. The colors are red and teal. When I have to create a new banner, I have to go over the red and teal to then put text over them. Strangely; when...
  2. G

    Getting rid of red/green light in the picture

    Hey guys! I've been experiencing a problem with my camera (Samsung Galaxy NX) that whenever is a cloudy day, adds some "reddish/green" colour to my photos. Although I'm shooting raws, I can't take these colours off. Images always stay with some hint of those, and the colours are flat and dead...
  3. C

    Removing red sunset rays across people : colour distortion

    Hi everyone! Totally new to Photoshop and trying to edit some photos and print them for my DIY wedding invitations. Was wondering if anyone can help me and tell me how I can get rid of the red sunlight rays on the back legs of the two people in the pictures? I know how to do it on the sand...
  4. B

    Request. profile picture enhancing.

    Hey all, I have a request for a profile picture I have. :) Its a picture of me wearing a skull mask. Now I was trashing around with photoshop myself for a little bit but the only thing I could do to it was make the edges dark so that it looks like darkness around me :P I would be really happy...
  5. B

    Red colour pixelation - requires higher quality than normal. Why?

    Hi, I've had for quite some time now a frustrating problem as a web designer - the need to save an image (nav button for example) at a much higher quality when it contains the colour red. Normally I will save a button at a quality of (using 'save for web') of around 45 to a max of 55, but...
  6. F

    how to get out the red eyes?

    hey designers or experienced gurus, how can i get rid of red eyes in fast, simple and easy way in Photoshop? i am aware that red eyes are the most common problems and i was wondering how to avoid using flash? hope you guys had a great holiday. :)
  7. Z

    Black, White or Red Pentax?

    well basically, at jacobs there are black white and red versions of the Pentax K-r, which i chose as my weapon from january up til it breaks down. but i don't know what colour to pick!? what do you guys think? and does anyone know if the white version has the coloured lens too?
  8. R


    Before: And After: From darkness into the light, eh? It only took a few minutes, but I like it.... I'll need to start doing more advanced stuff :P
  9. C

    Problem wih red text over grey backgound.

    When building covers for eBooks, I have a grey background and am trying to put red text over it. It seems to be a problem with the tranparency of the text, but opacity of text is set to 100%. Would someone point me in the right direction? Attached is a sample. Charlie
  10. JustThisGood

    SIMPLE Black Red & White Effect!

  11. I

    How do you extract red or green channels?

    How do you extrect the red or green channels from an image to create the required different tonal values?
  12. Z

    red winged silhouette

    this was done out of complete and utter boredom, i hate sundays, almost all the forums are dead. any critique?