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  1. T

    Red lines. Lots of red lines

    i dont know where to post this. sooo... is there a way to remove this lines? the red ones. its an old file (like 6-7 years ago). when i opened it, the lines showed up. and it only happened in this file and not on the other "same age" files that i have. i tried to hide every layer and its...
  2. L

    Show Colour

    Hiya, my daughter has asked if it is possible to change the colour of her shoes from gold to red. Thanks in advance!
  3. P

    Need a red filter for photos

    Hey guys, i found this picture on the web and i like the effect that it has. This red filter of it. The problem is that i do not know how to get this "Effect". Cause i would like to use a nother image with this effect. Is it possible to get a psd file where i can just put me pictures into and...
  4. R

    Resize tabs in photoshop

    Hey guys, I would like to resize the tabs in photoshop. Is this possible, and yes, how do i adjust them? (see red arrow in the image below) Thnx
  5. D

    Please photoshop clothing color

    Hello, I'm new and I am a 14 year old trying to Photoshop, its been very challenging though. I am in search for someone to please change the red suits to look like the one in the grey suit picture. The grey suit is called a stealth suit in the young justice series, but i ask that someone please...
  6. M

    Remove red eyes please!

    Hi i got a group picture where there are alot of red eyes showing, can anyone please remove the red glow ?:cheesygrin: thanks in advance
  7. N

    change the main colour of a jersey

    Hello......... can someone do this for me please?? I want to change the main color of Xavi Jersey (left) from Red to white i also want to change the color of Adidas Logo and Stripes and No.8 and the side long line from gold to red please thank you very much
  8. G

    Team photo + member on new layer

    Hello, I have taken a photo of a basketball team. 1 person was not present that day and was inserted later in Photoshop. Cutting him out was easy, but the trouble is the lightning of both pictures was different: - the skin color of the group is yellowish - the skin color of the single person is...
  9. U

    black and white image with bars colorful

    Hi all. I was wondering that anyone can please do me a favour of photoshop edit? Idea is that the attached image should be all black and white, just turn the red bars at the background into red color.. so that the whole black n white picture will have red bars at background colorful.. Thanks...
  10. R

    creating a smoke/cloud effect

    Hi Photoshop Gurus, How do i create a smoke/cloud effect similar to this But in a red color and second smoke/cloud in blue. Thanks very much! Redell
  11. B

    Effect Help

    What is the best way to pull off this effect that is on Texas where it almost looks disengrating...Im not sure of how to say this effect? Also how do i pull off the effect on the red background with the blocks? any kind of help would be great... thanks, Boomer
  12. D

    Blending Colors

    Is there a way to mix two different shades of red to come up with one desired shade of red if I know the exact desired color I'm looking to achieve? Thank you!!
  13. A

    Can someone please remove the red bucket in the background please? Thanks!!!!!!

    Hiya, Can someone please remove the red bucket in the back of this picture please? Thanks!:)
  14. S

    Problem with layering

    Hi guys, i'm sure there's probably an easy trick to this, i just can't figure it. I'm wondering how, if i have 3 layers, how do i make the third layer below the first, whilst still above the second? Here is an example of what i mean I basically want it so the green line overlaps the black...
  15. K

    Can you help me edit this logo

    Hey, can anyone help me change the background of this logo to white, red, blue, green, purple and pink?
  16. F

    Another Alloy Wheel Request

    Hi, I was wondering if somebody could colour the alloy wheels on the car in a similar style to the reference image? (Either black spokes and rim - red lip OR black spokes and red rim) Please feel free to add your own touch to it or have a play with whatever you think would look good. I'm trying...
  17. F

    Please help removed the red from this pic!

    Hey Guys, Last night I met UFC heavyweight contender Mark Hunt however I didnt check the pic til after I left the after party and there happened to be a red light from the disco lights on our faces. Can you please try fix this up as best you can? It would mean the world to me. If you're...
  18. T

    Remove My Shaving Cut PART 2!

    Well here is another simple easy edit for photo shop veterans. Can someone please remove the cut on my chin? Along with the red mark on my nose. I know my photos are low res, it was taken in a web cam chat room so the quality degrades compared to using webcam software. I also have minor acne...
  19. chrisdesign

    3D Space Containerships

    I made a 3D trip to Mars eyes guaranteed!
  20. V

    Red Tinted file?

    Hey everyone, im new here, so hey! anyways,, onto the problem. i was working on a project when some weird behaviour started happening, namely it would try to transform an invisible layer and had trouble selecting other layers. I finally got tired of this and went to close and reopen when it came...