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  1. A

    Changing gamma/lightness only for color RED

    Hello! I am searching for a way to change the gamma and lightness of the color RED in a picture. I already found the menu: Image->Adjustments->Hue Saturation where I can pick "reds" and change the lightness, but not gamma. At Image->Adjustments->Exposure I can change gamma, but ONLY for the...
  2. C


    Could anyone be kind and help me out with this picture please. -Change colours of wings to gold, the outer "triangle" of the ying-yang symbol to red (have to look good together). dark red within the triangle and outside the yin-yang symbol.You know what I mean, right? And finally add a ring...
  3. D

    Looking for help with an effect

    Hi, i am new to Photoshop cc and i am updating my website but i am stuck with an effect that i have seen, i have spent two weeks now on what i first thought was a simple layer blend thing! I was wrong, so i am asking for help even if some one can tel me what the effect is called, here is the...
  4. J

    Easy way to expand my color Palette?

    Hi guys, first off just wanted to say this is my first post but I'm happy to have found the website. Thank you for having me. I am a product inventor, and I am in the process of picking color combinations for the initial release of my product to market. I have found a combination that I...
  5. M

    Help with color change for a newbie!

    Hi there! I have just started using Photoshop for my job, butI am still struggling with a few things that are I am sure super easy for therest of you… J So I have this psd file of an illuminated Christmasbow – but the bow is red and I need it to be gold/yellow instead. I want to keep the...
  6. K

    Red eye removal

    When I photograph certain species of spiders sometimes there's a weird reflection in one or both eyes. I guess it's the equivalent of "red eye" in humans. I tried using the Red Eye tool on the image below and it works ok, but it's not perfect. Is there a better way to remove that distracting red...
  7. agentmoeller

    forum functions...

    Is there a guide somewhere to how the forum functions? I don't know what the folded paper icon means next to a thread, sometimes it's blue; sometimes it's red. Any help anywhere?
  8. P

    how to change color of truck

    My friend has a young son and he (the son) wants the color of this truck tan. I'm sure someone could do it for me but I'd like to learn how one would do this. The red truck is the one we want to change to tan. The tan truck is the color we want the red truck. Thanks for any...
  9. B

    Switching out a color

    Ok guys ill start off by saying I am VERY new to Photoshop. Ive been watching tutorials and videos but am still having some questions. I am actually using an old image of an old Paintball jersey that my team used and I am trying to change colors and things on it. Here is the image I am...
  10. K

    How to create yellow brick road

    Hello, I want to create the replica of the Yellow Brick Road from the Wizard of the Oz. more like this: I want red part to be relatively slimmer than the yellow part. I already tried to create a spiral from pattern tools...
  11. J

    Illustrator Aranging/Overlapping PARTS of Objects

    Arranging/Overlapping PARTS of Objects I have a question about overlapping/arranging only PARTS of an object. In my attached example on the left the red object is arranged on top of the green object. As you can see it hides the top point of the green object. In the example on the right I drew...

    Image color changes after downloading photo from web

    Hello, does anyone understand if it's my macbook pro or something else that changes the tone of my photos when I save them from a website? It's strange because sometimes the photo will be slightly yet visibly more red or yellow. It's frustrating because it sometimes happens when I upload photos...
  13. Positronic

    [Request] Please make this Viking's beard red

    Hello. Just wondering if anyone could make the Viking's beard and hair red in this picture? I'll be using it as an avatar image on my PlayStation.
  14. G

    Pencil tool doesn't fill in the color, only add to it

    So when I used my pencil tool and the opacity is set to 100%, I click at a place and it only adds a light amount of that color. For example, on a yellow surface and I pick red as the foreground color, when I click the pencil tool to the yellow surface, it looks like light red mixed with yellow...
  15. F

    I need help with a clan logo please.

    Hi I'm looking for help with a clan logo that I'm in, the clan is "Fallen*Angelz*Gaming" I was wondering if someone could please make me a logo that look's like the Optic clan logo With "Fallen Angelz Gaming" on the bottom. The letters that are together are "FAG" yes that sounds stupid I know...
  16. pslane

    Shapes are RED

    I'm working on a tutorial and it calls for snowflake custom shapes, which I downloaded from Deviant Art. I set the color, using the same color code they recommended. The shape comes out red. Red, no matter what I do. I tried other shapes and they're all red. Mode is set at RGB color and 16...
  17. O

    Adding a realistic look to image - bulb

    Hello all, I am in the process of making a catalogue. I have an LED bulb which I am looking at adding a Red colour to it. Although adding the red colour is fairly straightforward, I'm just looking to add a slightly more realistic look - as in to make it look as though it is switched on. I am...
  18. agentmoeller

    Illustrator Question on manipulating shapes

    I'm trying to create a V shape in Illustrator, using two rectangles. I want to know if there's a way to drag the outside corner anchor points of each shape down until they meet at the bottom, where the red arrows are drawn, while keeping them in line with the outside line of the rectangle...
  19. T

    Need your help

    I need to create a logo for a friend which wants the name "Red Wall Radio" someone can help me with inspiration for a logo?
  20. V

    Looking for help with an avatar image.

    Hey there! I've used a certain image as my avatar on various websites and I'd really like it redone by some awesome artist. Basicly just a remake/updated version of the image below. So what I'm looking for in the image is a red devil that has a beer belly and white boxers with red hearts on...