1. C

    Specific Could you please reduce the amount of cleavage shown in this picture?

    Hello! I am hoping to make college graduation announcements soon but am worried I have too much cleavage showing in this image. Would it be possible to reduce the amount shown? I tried but failed! Thank you so much!!!!!
  2. M

    Reduce wrinkles from T-shirt

    Hi, Could some try to reduce the wrinkles from my T-shirt? I couldn't upload the pic to this forum without changing it, therefore I uploaded the original to Thanks in advance! PS: On second look I'd like to edit my face as well. I removed the bright spot of the sun...
  3. M

    How to reduce png files in Photoshop

    I need help to find out how to reduce the size of my png files. I sell digital products on Etsy and the maximum size of file I can upload there is 20MB. Many of my files exceed that limit. For example, right now I have several files that are over 32MB. I have tried many of the compressor...
  4. K

    Reduce the Sun's Glare and stabilize the photo please

    Here's a picture of me and my classmates in the seminary. It was too bad that the sun chose the wrong time to shine. Could anybody reduce the sun's glare in the first two photos like the third one? In addition, could the first two photos be stabilized so that they would not look like they were...
  5. A

    How to reduce PDF size (Photoshop)

    So i created a flyer for my cousin, quite new to PS. Only ever really saved in JPG before. No matter what i do, i can not reduce the file size for this. - I have tried reducing image size from 300 dpi to 100. - I have tried 'smallest file size' option when saving. - Watched YouTube Videos...
  6. I

    help with sun problem

    first i want to clear that i dont have any knowledge in photoshop, now, if possible i want to reduce the sun effect if anyone can help me i'll be more than happy, thanks
  7. gautamz07

    how to optimize a png 24 image

    Hey guys i have the following image , its a png 24 how do i reduce its size as its around 2.7MB as of now , which is gigantic for the web , i really don't want to loose much quality , but how do i reduce the sze , PSD does't seem to have much options for reducing size of a png-24. Thank...
  8. Tom Mann

    I wonder how many of us are left-handed?

    Silly thought: I just noticed that in a recent response to AgentM, Sam noted that they were both left-handed. So am I, and this started me wondering just how many of us are lefties... What say ye? To reduce "self reporting bias" as much as possible, I would ask both left and right handed...
  9. gautamz07

    reducing size of a Image saved as PNG-24

    Hey guys , how are you all doing ? i really miss u'll :D i have a small question : i have an image file saved as a png-24 and i need to reduce its size drastically as its really slowing page load time . i have 2 other images that need to be reduced in size , currently , they are around...
  10. J

    Reduce the bright in the foreground

    Hello, I would like to request your help, I'm not good with Photoshop, can somebody help me and tell me how to reduce the bright in the following panoramic. Thank you.
  11. T

    Reduce .psd loading and saving times

    Hello all, I am currently having a little problem working with Photoshop: I am designing posters and other prints for a festival here, and we usually print the largest posters on A1 intl paper full color. That means working in a huge 300dpi file with quite a lot of layers. The issue I'm having...
  12. T

    shrinking pictures without getting lots of dirty pixels

    Hello, Every time I reduce the size (height & length) of a picture in Photoshop, I get a lot more pixels everywhere. And when I mean a lot, it's really so dirty that I cannot use it ! I don't understand because i've got some pictures from a Canon 40D that are really good quality, about...