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  1. stormer

    Specific Repair angle and reflection.

    So my aunt has sent me a picture of my father and it's basically a "picture of a picture" meaning that it has some issues with angle and the phone reflection. Can someone make this photo look "digital" and Minimize the reflection and fix the angle as much as it is possible?
  2. Eggy

    Are We There Yet

    Are we? Of course not, but we'll have to move to survive as a species... PixelSquid to get PixelSquid stuff is nice when wanting to use a reflection. I wont renew my subscription because actually I do not use it much and its way too expensive then... Now give it to me...
  3. S

    Making a 3D reflective object

    My goal is to create a simple UFO shape that reflects the background around it. I'd like to use a small sphere intereceted by a larger sphere that has been "squished" on one axis. The two shapes are chrome like in appearance. I can't figure out how to make a chrome textured 3D sphere to have the...
  4. T

    Please clean up window reflection

    Hi there! Please assist me with this photo by cleaning up window reflection. (mainly removing the people) It's just a little distracting. Many thanks!!
  5. J

    help me remove the reflection names at bottom

    help me remove the text hi i need some1 to help me to remove these text circled in red from the pics thanks in advance
  6. R

    Need to remove carpet and reflection

    So I forgot to remove carpet before taking pictures.. Can you remove it together with the reflection of it? Psd file :
  7. K

    Step by Step Tutorial

    This is my first post on these forums and I hope I am posting in the correct one. I saw this photo and I would like to ask someone much more experienced than me with Photoshop to please explain the simplest way possible to put a gradient between the image of the jet, and the reflection of the...
  8. R

    Putting stars in water reflection

    Hello, This is an image I'm practicing composites with: How would I go about putting some stars in the water reflections and making it look as 'natural' as possible? FYI - the bridge reflection is how it looked to the naked eye (water was totally still). Thanks, Tom
  9. R

    Reflection in Sunglasses

    Hi Everyone I have been tinkering with a photo that I took of my daughter - It was a quick snap with an iPhone as it was a blink and miss it moment I've been trying to play with the reflection, as you can see me in the reflection taking the pic. anything that I do looks really fake and...
  10. R

    Wrong Reflection Angle?

    Hello everyone I've been doing some Photoshop for a work project. I tried to recreate a reflection of the text. I have a few questions Is the angle correct? When doing reflections, would you still have a bit of the shadow or should I have just reflected the text? Any feedback, as usual...
  11. B

    Please help me turn the gavel into a jail cell

    Is it possible to turn this gavel(the head bit) into a prison cell. Im making a poster for a human rights charity organisation and want to show the irony of how some people do not have fair trials even in court. So i would like to make the gavel into a gavel cage (if that makes sense). And have...
  12. V

    clip, shadow, Reflection - your car

    Content removed Please check your Private Messages Ged Forum Moderator
  13. D

    Complex reflection

    Hi! I have this drawing My objective is to add a reflection to the water (in black) of what is above it. Simply flipping the image doesn't work here and I really don't know how to make the reflection. To generalize the question, how do I pass from this : to this : ? It is easy with...
  14. K

    Reflection of a curved landscape

    Do anyone know how to make a reflection of a landscape in water if the line where the water meets the landscape is curved? I can only find tutorials how to make water and a reflection if the horizon is in a straight line. I'm new to Photoshop and this is one of my first work: Then I got...
  15. K

    Red eye removal

    When I photograph certain species of spiders sometimes there's a weird reflection in one or both eyes. I guess it's the equivalent of "red eye" in humans. I tried using the Red Eye tool on the image below and it works ok, but it's not perfect. Is there a better way to remove that distracting red...
  16. A

    Changing texture in photoshop

    Hi Is there anyway possible to change a rendered scene texture in photoshop using UV pass? (Not using a real 3d object in Photoshop) I don't care about lighting or reflection and anything else, just deforming the map is important for me Something like Colorway do? Thanks
  17. Titanic iPT

    Titanic with reflection - horizontal view

    Good day everyone! While I'm having trouble with adding a reflection on Titanic's angular profile, her horizontal one is not a big issue... Here's how she looks with that reflection under her (after playing with various blur settings, including Gaussian, although I have yet to try out ripples...
  18. Titanic iPT

    Titanic's reflection - angular profile

    Hey everyone, thanks to Photoshop, I have managed to remove the background from Titanic and now she's sitting pretty in a blank canvas! I'm planning to go further, though, and want to add a reflection to her diagonally-angle photo... This is because I will then place Titanic into this photo...
  19. Hoogle

    How to achieve a simple moon reflection

    Ok I am working on this image that is of several photos I have manage to paint in a moon and the glow I like but I want to get the moon to highlite the water I have deliberately made it so you can see where I am referring to but what I want to achieve is still have the waters glossy reflective...
  20. M

    Photoshop Reflection Help

    I am trying to do a reflection in photoshop. I can do a reflection in photoshop if the picture is a straight on shot of a car. I tried to do a shot of a car that is from a front angle, but when I flip it verticle I can not get the tires to all line up. I am wondering how to get all three tires...