1. T

    weird swf playback — flying off screen

    hi folks. i'm having a little "issue" with an exported swf file and the way it plays back on the web. flash cs5. as2. mac os 10.6.4 within the movie/animation itself, there is a small black "x" centered on the stage that expands until it totally fills the screen, giving the impression that...
  2. Z

    My Custom Photoshop Splash screen

    I decided to have a little bit of fun with the photoshop splash image, and customised it to my liking, it looks a little odd because of the loading bit, i suppose that's were the uniform colour comes in. hope you like it!:D once you get the right .DLL file and extract it, you can make the...
  3. C

    Prevent users from Printing, Taking files out of office and Capturing screen?

    Our director suspected some of our colleagues who have sold the confidential information to competitors but we lack proof. How can we prevent users from Printing, Taking files out of office and Capturing screen? Thank you very much in advance for your suggestions.
  4. ibclare

    Fooling around with Screen Captures from a friend's FB page

    Just sitting here with my bf, who didn't have to go in to work tonight, watching reruns on tv. Had Photoshop open still, so that's trouble! Thought I'd give friend Marsha a treat. Or a shock. So, this is not fascinating photography nor exciting graphics, but it was fun anyway.
  5. I

    Separating Flattened Jpeg art for screen printing

    Hey Folks, I'm trying to figure out what would be the best way to make this a one spot color using 15%, 30% 50% and solid as halftones for the art. How would I isolate these gradients and bring them back into illustrator as vectors. Thanks Ivan