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  1. B

    Help needed with screen and lighten blend mode problem

    I'm using CC 2014, I'm trying to add textures; smoke, fire etc onto logos, twitch overlays etc. But for some reason when my layers background is white and I use the screen or lighten blend mode to get rid of the black background on the texture it throws the whole thing behind my layer...
  2. O

    Batch Automation Batch processing with actions

    Hello, I just currently got a wordpress theme for my photography website which has a gallery displaying pictures in landscape alone and scaled to fit the screen. So i want to pre-process all images such that, they are scaled to the height of the screen and centred to a white/black background...
  3. P

    Problem Using Photoshop CC: Black Stripes when the app is "over" the screen

    Hi everyone! I have a problem with photoshop cc, on my macbook pro retina, running OS X 10.10.1 When I have to move the app "beyond" the screen, for example in order to import a pic, and later I put the app on full screen again the parts that were "beyond" the screen are black. it's like the mac...
  4. N

    About online freelance jobs

    Hello I am new here :mrgreen: and I'm not sure if this post should be here or in the general section so please forgive me :redface: I would like to know which sites would you recommend for doing online Photoshop freelance jobs? Do I need to have a specific system? graphics card? screen...
  5. P

    Free Transform box moves

    Hi - I have used the Transform function to alter the shape of an object. It worked fine. Later I needed to tweak it. I went into the Transform function and the box with the little grips was way over on the opposite side of the screen. Something similar had happened before. My small...
  6. P

    Resizing brushes floating panel that has gone too big out of the screen

    Hi, This is my first inquiry at this forum... so I take the opportunity to greet you all : ) I am having a quite absurd problem with my PS CS5: I have resized the floating brushes panel by mistake (the one that appears when you're using the brush / eraser tool and you right click on the...
  7. K

    After Effects removing character from background

    Hi I wonder how to remove person, for instance from and then replace him/her with other person dancing same song on green screen to look good. How to O.o also I quess lighting effects-good settings of it would be...
  8. Z

    Need a slick, Twitch Stream overlay! Name your price!

    Hello. I am starting a Twitch stream (a site dedicated to streaming video games) on September 13th, and I need help designing an overlay to be finished at the least 2 weeks before the stream goes live. For those not keen, an overlay used in a Twitch gaming stream will often be a set of either...
  9. U

    Which screen technology is better? 2 options

    Hi folks, I'm planning to purchase a laptop from a build-to-order company and I get to choose most of the ccomponents. I'm gonna be running Adobes PS, AE and premiere pro. I get confusing suggestions when it comes to the sreen tec. There are two options: some say go for "17.3 inch Full HD...
  10. J

    Custom Halftone Screen

    How can I create a custom halftone screen? I have tried to define a pattern and use that, and have over layed a pattern with hard-mix but I cannot seem to get as clear results as these. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Allison Conrad

    Centering my website on the screen with HTML code help

    I made my website on my laptop with a pretty small screen. I just opened it up on a much wider screen and it's awkwardly shifted over on the left hand side. I want it so that the site itself is centered, but not necessarily the text, pictures, ect. The page has tables on it for organizational...
  12. F

    color correction in Imac screen

    Hello, I am designing a dossier about a musician, photos from this dossier have to be send for web site of this artist as well I am doing the color corrections, levels, contrast etc. of these photos with photoshop and the Imac screen. Is this reliable? what would the proper way to do this? I...
  13. R

    Permanently set the Screen Mode...

    I'm using v5.5 and like having my work area set to "Full Screen Mode with Menu Bar" How do I make this change permanent? Thanks for any info... Ray
  14. A

    Screen resolution for photoshopping (1366x768 VS 1920x1080)

    Buying a laptop for photoshopping (15,6 inches), is there a huge difference between 1366x768 resoluton VS 1920x1080 resolution? There is a huge difference in the prices when looking for a bigger than 1366x768 resolution. The question is whether it makes a big deal, or should we just...
  15. Paul

    Screen shot

    I found this on a famous game:wink:
  16. A

    Photoshop screen problem

    When open my RAW image in Photoshop CS5 Camera Raw the colours appears to be good. But when I open it then white colour becomes greyish also many colours changes. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH MY SCREEN AND HOW TO SOLVE IT? i use samsung LCD..!
  17. P

    glossy vs matte screen for photoshop

    Hi - I'm shopping for a new PC laptop. Need a 17" screen. It seems that all screens are glossy now - which looks real good, but aside from not being able to work on my porch with the glare, I heard that photoshop color adjustments on images may be an issue with a glossy screen. Is this true...
  18. Z

    Is there any mention of a screen recorder that is good for keeping the CPU cool?

    i need a screen recorder that will sit and record the screen for me as i do some photoshopping for my youtube channel without making my CPU temperatures go through the roof? my CPU fan is a good fan compared to the one i did have but the CPU reaches temps that are too warm for my liking when i...
  19. Hoogle

    Can a few people screen cap for me

    TheHoogleman's Channel - YouTube Can some of you take a screen cap of my youtube channel please so I can see if I have it suitable for all resolutions I know the title text is cramped up on my screen so would like to see what it looks like on other screens
  20. M

    Removing Green Screen

    I have a new customer who sent me a few hundred images which one of his employees shot against a green background. It would be easy enough to remove the background, but the green is reflecting on lighter colored products (Like a gray sweatshirt) and some of the pictures are of transparent items...