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  1. R

    Image Densities

    Hi all, I have a question regarding image densities. Apologies if i'm in the wrong section or even on the right site for this! I need to create an image for an Android application, and the app requires me to supply the same image but in different densities (for different screen sizes). I have...
  2. B

    Adding attractive variability to text characters (was: Sizing for a new image

    Hello I was hoping to use the image below as the basis for a similar framed print of my own. Mine would be 20" x 9.6" (260 resolution) and would have a real normal frame (even if I make it physically rustic), otherwise the main image would have two frames which just wouldn't work. Would...
  3. J

    Trouble with Cuting the word in my logo

    I had just started learning photo. Please advise me how do I cut this part away. I want the selected part to be transparent so it will look nice on the projector screen
  4. Paul

    Green screen/Blue screen tricks.

    Is it possible to use say a green screen back drop take images of models then add them to other images with different backgrounds in Photoshop alone, or does it have to be via other Adobe programs? What i am trying to ask is would it be an easier cleaning process of green background over say...
  5. S

    Getting back CC downloader on top of Mac screen

    Somehow my Photoshop CC downloader icon has disappeared from the top of my MacBook Pro screen. I'm not sure how to get it back. Any suggestions?
  6. S

    Exiting out of Design area in Photoshop CC

    I somehow got into the design area of PS CC and I've clicked every button I can find and can't exit out of it. I want to get back to the regular editing screen. Also, my CC updater has disappeared from the top of my Macbook Pro
  7. J

    how can i create this kind of screen crack effect?

    Dear all, i have been trying to achieve screen crack effect but i unable to achieve the result. This is the image i edit: The sample photo i wish to achieve: how can i achieve this kind of hi resolution crack screen overlay with the subject? anyone can advise me. kindly appreciate...
  8. N

    Transparent layer not transparent after copying or flattening.

    Hello, I have a cloud layer that was originally a vector file. I imported it to photoshop and set the blending mode to screen to they the shadows in it became transparent and then I rasterized it. Now the problem I am having is that if I take away the blue background the dark shadows come...
  9. K

    View actual size of business card on screen

    I'm trying to make a business card. Here is what I'm seeing on my screen and here is what that same thing looks like when I print it out on my printer The problem is, I feel like I'm not really sure how much I can type...
  10. C

    Want to create a heading for a video and create bullet points

    Want to have a small heading at the bottom of the screen that includes: 1.Two hexagons next to each other in the bottom left 2.A Line across the bottom of the screen 3.A Heading built into the centre of the line acrosss the bottom of the screen Also In one section id like to create a bullet...
  11. C

    Photoshop Splash Screens

    Some of you may know this, most do not, but with the right tools and know-how you can actually change the splash screen for Photoshop and customize it to your liking. Here's some examples that I made, both college teams:
  12. I

    Responsive Website

    Hey Friends :), I have a responsive website which was currently set at 1280 x 800 maximum width, having looked at that on bigger screens, such as 1920 x 1200, it appears to have huge gaps on the left and right of the page, as expected due to my maximum width. So I am planning to set the...
  13. A

    How to create a "screen reflecting window light" effect

    Hi everyone, I would like to create an effect on my image such that it appears as if it is a screen which is reflecting the window light. Can anybody guide me how to do that? I am attaching sample image to demonstrate the effect!! Thanks for any help!!
  14. M

    Photoshop Sizing and Space problem

    Hi guys, I'm very new to photoshop and am learning by using a set of tutorials on youtube. There is something that isn't really addressed in the tutorials that I was wondering about though. The main problem I'm having is I have set up my panels on the right the way I want them but I can never...
  15. P

    Help probably simple

    I'm a newbie i dont know these common problems im 2 mins in on this video and when he selects the layer mask and paints black to turn the image to normal color. my brush does nothing, nothing happens when i use a brush. here my screen idk if i have something turned off/on that shouldnt be.
  16. R

    bar showing folders on left of screen

    Hi I just bought the latest version of photoshop with lightroom but i cannot see where to het the left hand bar that shows all the folders that i have, i saw that it was on a screen when i was looking up photoshop but cant find it anywhere. Can anybody help please. Many thanks Robert
  17. Y

    full screen and flip

    Hi I'm new to working digitally but have bought a tablet and been trying to learn. I saw Painter and thought I'd give it a trial run as it's most suited to what I do. I watched a bunch of tutorials and when I'd finished the first thing I found was that I could not find an active forum for...
  18. pslane

    Strange black screen

    I was working today and something caused my work space to be replaced by a black screen with no way to get out of. My project was off to the right side down low and there were very few tools to use. Esc didn't help. After I realized I couldn't get back I finally had to Ctrl-Alt-Del. At...
  19. L

    Problem with Photoshop CS

    After loading a photo in Photoshop CS (Windows7), the program does not respond to the mouse commands. The boxes "minimize", "full screen" and "delete" on the top right side are not funtional. When I click on any of the first two boxes,(minimize or Full screen), the Style box opens up and show...
  20. B

    Filled screen

    Hi, just recently my PSCS and Elements both completly fill the screen with images when I open a folder. The corner handles do not work and the minimise button is missing. This is really annoying as I like to see at least part of the editor screen with a image folder open. any help appreciated.