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  1. C

    The Tiger

    This was done with my new Intuos, and wow so much better than my bamboo and my fingers retained their finger prints at last. I did do a short Video to this just showing some of the process, if you wanna take a look. Critiques welcomed :)
  2. X

    Need help creating object from scratch

    Need help creating object from scratch to post an image of it on a site. Description will be provided via PM or Email for anyone interested in the project. Thanks! - Luke
  3. F


    Does anyone know if there is a Photoshop plugin to create the colorful strand effect Apple has been showing this on their iMac
  4. L

    Photoshop Help: Stop him from smiling

    Hello, could someone make it so Ronaldo isn't smiling or showing his teeth in this picture please?
  5. S

    photoshop request

    is it possible to edit out the finger in this photo? It would be greatly appreciated. I added another photo underneath of what the sky is supposed to look like. this is the photo that needs editing this is the photo showing the sky
  6. T

    Remove Bra Showing / Shadow

    Could someone please remove the bra/shadow showing or extend the dress line in this photo? Thank you!
  7. L

    Patch Tool Problem

    Hi, I've used the Patch Tool many times in the past but for some reason I can't get it to work right this time. I'm selecting the area that I want to extend and dragging it to it's destination but it does't seem to cover the new area completely. It seems to have a transparency effect to it, the...
  8. M

    Remove red eyes please!

    Hi i got a group picture where there are alot of red eyes showing, can anyone please remove the red glow ?:cheesygrin: thanks in advance
  9. S

    Help me

    Why does this happen every time I crop pictures? It does it to the whole photo, just showing a piece without showing the little boys face. You can see the line distortion in his hair, it just started doing that out of nowhere. I downloaded the new update for Photoshop CC and just noticed it...
  10. L

    Question concerning nudity

    I recently did a photoshoot where some of my favorite shots ended up being topless, and my offending female nip noops are indeed showing. are those images allowed on this forum or no? Thanks y'all lily
  11. L

    A little bit of my bra is showing whoops

    (solved) A little bit of my bra is showing whoops as you can see, a tiny bit of yellow bra is showing next to the straps on both sides of my blue dress. I'd really love for that to not be the case, if you wanna help. Attached is the photo. Thanks you guys, lily ps. I would also like it if...
  12. E

    Editing a striped shirt and clothing issue

    I have a photo of my 3 girls that I would like to edit. The shirt is all bunched up and her skin is showing. Either I want to be able to fix this and cover her skin or somehow make her shirt 1 solid color if possible.
  13. H

    Want to make holes through 3d object

    Just what the title says, I want to make 3 holes, through this object to stand in style with the rest of the object. Here is the object Here is the object with markers showing the holes and lines showing the direction the holes should extend through. So, I'm very new to this whole 3D thing in...
  14. R

    Lame questions about layers

    Forgive the lame question but here it goes. Say I have a group, say for frequency separation, and I want to make a copy from background to do some spot healing, nothing shows up on that layer. Meaning my spot healing isn't showing up. If I try to move the layer order everything goes weird. The...
  15. admin

    Activity Points and Levels for Existing Users have been Calculated

    Some of you may have noticed that your points and levels were not reflecting past activity in the new Activity & Awards system. This has now been fixed. Activity Points and Levels for all existing users have been calculated. All user profiles should now display the correct figures. Activity...
  16. J

    Trouble with Brushes

    Hi I have just bought a new ASUS laptop and installed my Photoshop CS5 on it. All seems to be well except for brushes. For some reason they are simply not showing up. Running Windows 8.1. Any suggestions or advice? cheers
  17. 1

    I am new, My name is Liz from Richmond VA

    In the first photo I want it to be a modest photo, If there is anyway to make it look like I am wearing a shirt. Something to cover my stomach, (My arms, back, and bikini top showing is okay.
  18. B

    Not letting me copy things here is a video illustration

    THere were a few elements in my project I wanted to copy so I could switch colors and stuff but when I tried to copy them it wouldn't let me. Here is a video showing
  19. D

    Help! Why is a hand showing up

    Help! Why is a hand showing up an not my brush when I'm in brush mode or any mode the hand stays there? CS5 Windows Vista
  20. S

    First time showing

    I'm fairly new to Photoshop and wanted to post to get some opinions. This is something I did after completing the Dream Skin tutorial in the Photoshop Top Secret Training Course.