1. K

    My first time showing. promise you show it to me to!

    Hey guys and gals. i'm designing this thingie for my girlfriend. shes the editor of her colleges student union magazine. they needed a design for a promotion counter that they will use on the first day of school this year to attract new students to write for it. long story short, this is what...
  2. BayCat

    Photo not showing up on the document window

    Real newbie :redface:....I right click on the photo and open with PS CS5. I've also tried opening the program and opening the photo from there. I can't get a photo to show up on the document window, just the white/grey checker board. I see the photo on the vertical dock on the right hand side...
  3. Vafann

    Posts not showing up in the forum

    Somethig weird has happened that I don´t understand, in my home e-mail I got a notification that someone (Ibclare) had responded to my "Egyption or something" post in the Graphic Design Showroom. When I clicked the link to go there, there were several responses, but none of them from her. It was...
  4. D

    Photoshop CS2 Images Not Showing

    So any time I open an image in photoshop now they are only displayed in my navigation window. I updated my driver already and there is not an openGL option for CS2. I don't know what else to do solve this problem. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you!
  5. M

    Rectangular selection tool showing up as an elipse

    I am attempting to select an area of a jpg file with the rectangular tool. While drawing the shape I see a rectangle but as soon as I release the mouse I end up with an elipse. Help! How can I fix this? Additionally, the define pattern function is greyed out and I can't use it on this...