1. C

    Forum Signature

    Hey guys so I'm looking for a Signature for any Forum! If anyone decides to help, my request is that it be a pinup theme. I love pinup art in all its aspects. I haven't had to request a forum Sig in a long time so if there is anything I missed then please let me know. The max size i can do is...
  2. LemonLuuk

    Leauge sig

    Tips and tricks please!
  3. LemonLuuk

    Ashe sig

    Tips and tricks are welcome!
  4. Z

    new sig (haven't done one in a while)

    have i done a good job imitating a brandname? there are a few bits that have gone a bit bleeh. but do you likey? original branding: Edited one: P.S it's to celebrate the official ownership of my K-r camera :P Merry christmas guys. Alex
  5. Z

    latest sig (its late!!! :o)

    let me know what you think if you can :)
  6. Z

    a new sig

    yeah my sig sort of turned into a link. that bites, most probably because of the uploader limit :P so i have a new one ,within the size limit and not FPS based this time. it's PC based as it's the 10th birthday of the first PC i ever built, with the help of dad of course (i was only 5) but...
  7. M

    Pro Sig Team :)

    Hey All :) Im on a website for a game i play called farming simulator and im wondering if a few people would like to join and Make super sigs for the team :) i have 2 people off of the site i think ... im still waiting a reply tho ... Much Appreciated Matt.
  8. M

    Importing a Video to a sig

    Hello Lads, im not sure if this is the correct place as im new but i would just like to ask if any of you gurus hehe knew how to add a video to a sig and then make it a .gif so then theres a pic or something at the left and then a video at the right or something like that ? Much...
  9. M

    Looking for a new Sig/Avatar!

    Hello, I am looking for a new Signature and Avatar for my forums that I go on. I made my current sig myself but its time for a better one. Signature: I want a "best of all worlds" type of sig. Since I play Warcraft, Starcraft II, and Diablo III I would like to add all of them into my sig...
  10. C

    I made a sig....

    I thought this one was worthy of sharing: